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03/22/2019 07:57 AM
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

House Committee Roll Call Votes

Committee COMMERCE Date June 6, 2017
Bill/Resolution HB566 PN0591 A01584 Type of Motion Adopt Amendment
Maker of Motion Rep. Maloney Seconded by Rep. Mackenzie
Brief Description Clarifies suspension of work language and includes provisions for prompt pay for contractors/subcontractors

Majority Members

Ellis, Brian L. - Chair
Christiana, Jim
Dunbar, George
Fritz, Jonathan
Greiner, Keith J.
Heffley, Doyle
Keefer, Dawn W.
Mackenzie, Ryan E.
Maloney, David M.
Metzgar, Carl W.
Milne, Duane D.
Murt , Thomas P.
Quinn, Christopher B.
Sankey, Tommy
Walsh, Justin M.
Warner, Ryan

Minority Members

Thomas, W. C. - Chair
Bullock, Donna
Burns, Frank
Davidson, Margo L.
Driscoll, Michael J.
Gergely, Marc J.
Haggerty, Kevin
Kortz, William C.
Krueger, Leanne
Matzie, Robert F.
Rabb, Christopher M.

Vote Summary

YEAS: 25
NV: 2