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House Committee Roll Call Votes

Committee HEALTH Date February 6, 2012
Bill/Resolution HB1077 PN2511 Type of Motion Report Bill As Amended
Maker of Motion Rep. Cutler Seconded by Rep. Day
Brief Description Women's Right to Know Act. Providing for ultrasound test requirements, establishing the right to view image and requiring reports to be filed with the Dept of Health; imposing sanctions & penalties & providing for remedies.

Majority Members

Baker, Matthew E. - Chair
Aument, Ryan P.
Causer, Martin T.
Cutler, Bryan
Day, Gary
Farry, Frank A.
Gingrich, Mauree
Lawrence, John A.
Maloney, David M.
Masser, Kurt A.
Micozzie, Nicholas A.
Petri, Scott A.
Toepel, Marcy
Toohil, Tarah

Minority Members

Myers, John - Chair
Boyle, Kevin J.
Brown, Vanessa L.
Cohen, Mark B.
DeLissio, Pamela A.
Deasy, Daniel J.
Mullery, Gerald J.
Sabatina, John P.
Smith, Ken
Waters, Ronald G.

Vote Summary

YEAS: 15
NV: 2