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11/30/2021 05:36 AM
Pennsylvania General Assembly

Amendments by Committee


  Total Amendments:  27
Date Amendment   Amends Votes Notes
11/17/2020 A07859 (K. WARD) HB916 PN2582
10/19/2020 A07642 (K. WARD) HB2296 PN3305
10/19/2020 A07384 (K. WARD) HB2065 PN3663
10/05/2020 A07547 (K. WARD) SB1236 PN1858
09/09/2020 A07057 (K. WARD) SB1281 PN1908
06/09/2020 A06048 (K. WARD) HB1597 PN2943
06/09/2020 A06105 (BARTOLOTTA) HB364 PN1974
06/09/2020 A06042 (K. WARD) SB793 PN1094
05/26/2020 A05800 (K. WARD) HB1510 PN1895
05/26/2020 A05843 (K. WARD) HB1710 PN2583
05/26/2020 A05844 (K. WARD) HB30 PN365
04/28/2020 A04921 (K. WARD) HB632 PN1739
02/05/2020 A04628 (FARNESE) SB565 PN627
11/21/2019 A04011 (K. WARD) SB773 PN1148
10/30/2019 A03617 (K. WARD) HB1547 PN1963
10/29/2019 A03458 (K. WARD) SB489 PN525
06/25/2019 A02385 (K. WARD) SB742 PN919
06/25/2019 A02387 (K. WARD) SB743 PN920
06/25/2019 A02496 (K. WARD) SB744 PN953
06/25/2019 A02389 (STEFANO) SB745 PN922
06/25/2019 A02480 (K. WARD) SB778 PN1003
06/18/2019 A02132 (TOMLINSON ) HB1077 PN1628
06/18/2019 A02007 (VOGEL) HB1077 PN1628
06/12/2019 A01845 (K. WARD) SB744 PN921
04/30/2019 A00854 (K. WARD) SB593 PN652
03/27/2019 A00392 (LANGERHOLC) SB338 PN325
02/05/2019 A00035 (SABATINA ) SB62 PN34

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