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Pennsylvania State Senate

John Andrew Shulze

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Portrait: Jacob Eichholtz, 1825




Session Position District Party
1821-1822 8 Democrat
1823-1824 8 Democrat
 Counties   Dauphin


1774 - 1852

John Andrew Shulze was born on July 19, 1774, Tulpehocken Township, Berks County, the son of the Reverend Emmanuel Shulze and Eve Elizabeth Muhlenberg, daughter of Henry Melchior Muhlenger, founder of the Lutheran Church in America.  He received early English instruction from his father and German from his prominent uncle; received further education at Franklin College (Franklin and Marshall), Lancaster; undertook classical studies in New York and was ordained as a Lutheran minister in 1796.  The pastor led several Berks County congregations for six years; however, rheumatic fever forced him to resign from the ministry in 1802.  He married Susan Kimmel; entered private business in Myerstown, Lebanon (then Dauphin) County for several years and accumulated a small fortune.  He was elected as a three-term member of the state House of Representatives in 1806, representing the “Constitutional Republican” faction; turned down a subsequent appointment as Surveyor General from Governor Snyder; accepted several county-municipal positions in the new county of Lebanon, 1813-1821; returned to the House in the fall of 1821; and was elected to the state Senate in 1822.  Prior to the general election of 1824, Schulze received the support of George Mifflin Dallas’s “Family Faction” for governor, supporting Jackson and/or Calhoun for the presidency.  Schulze became governor in 1823, but turned to the support of anti-Jackson Democrats in 1826 and won re-election.  He eventually became a Whig; moved to a farm in Montoursville, Lycoming County; was a representative to the 1840 Harrisburg Whig National Convention; selected as a presidential elector and convention nominee for the Vice Presidency; and retired to Lancaster where he passed away, November 15, 1852.