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09/23/2021 05:58 AM
Pennsylvania State Senate

Henry Wertz, Jr


Session Position District Party
1805-1806 N/A Jeffersonian Republican
1807-1808 N/A Jeffersonian Republican
 Counties   Bedford, Huntingdon, Somerset


1778 - 1824

Born about 1778, Henry Wertz, Jr. was the son of Henry Sr. and Mary Ann (Nagle) Wertz.  His father had a mill at Shover’s Run and was apparently a tavern owner.  He served as Bedford postmaster; was seated in the state Senate after a contested election; and served as a Quid through 1808.  He married Margaret Stephens.  Wertz remained an official correspondent of state Senator John Tod through 1813, and apparently moved to the Dayton, Ohio area about that time.  There is no personal information available through Bedford County historical data; nor any personal information from Ohio except indications that Wertz, his siblings, his father and other relatives are living there by 1820.