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07/28/2021 01:37 PM
Pennsylvania State Senate

Alexander Lowry


Session Position District Party
1791-1792 N/A Federalist
 Counties   Lancaster, York


1727 - 1806

Born in Northern Ireland Dec. 1727. Parents Lazarus and Etta Campbell, (married 2nd  Ann Boggs Lowrey). The eighth child of Lazarus and Ann. Trader: Associated with Crogan and the Barnard Gratz Atlantic shipping company in Philadelphia and Lancaster. 1748 Associated with fur trader Joseph Simon of Lancaster, who provided furs to Barnard Gratz of Philadelphia for trans-Atlantic shipping. Mr. Lowrey was, from the first, outspoken and ardent for separation from the mother-country. In July, 1774, he was placed on the Committee of Correspondence for Lancaster, and was a member of the Provincial Conference held in Philadelphia on the 15th of that month; and of that convened in Carpenters' Hall, 18th of June, 1776; and of the Convention of the 15th of July following. He was chosen to the Assembly in 1775, and, with the exception of two or three years, served as a member of that body almost uninterruptedly until 1789. In May, 1777, he was appointed one of the commissioners to procure blankets for the army. In 1776 he commanded the Third Battalion of the Lancaster County Associators, and was in active service in the Jerseys during that year. As senior colonel, he commanded the Lancaster county militia in the battle of the Brandywine. At the close of the Revolution, Colonel Lowrey retired to his fine farm adjoining Marietta. Under the Constitution of 1789-90, Lowry was commissioned by Governor Mifflin justice of the peace, an office he held until his death, which occurred on the 31st of January, 1806. His remains lie interred in Donegal church graveyard. Colonel Lowrey was a remarkable man in many respects, and his life was an eventful one, whether considered in his long career in the Indian trade, a patriot of the Revolution, or the many years in which he gave his time and means to the service of his country. He was greatly beloved by his neighbors, and,during his long life, shared with his associate and friend, Colonel Galbraith, the confidence and leadership accorded to both in public, church, and local affairs. Col. Lowrey was thrice married: 1st, September 26, 1752, MARY WATERS, b. 1782; d. 1767;  Ann, b. 1790 ;d 1864. Jane, b. 1794; d. 1860.