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09/21/2021 09:02 PM
Pennsylvania State Senate

Mathias Barton


Session Position District Party
1797-1798 N/A Federalist
1799-1800 N/A Federalist
1801-1802 N/A Federalist
1803-1804 N/A Federalist
 Counties   Lancaster


1762 - 1809

Mathias Barton was a son of the Reverend Thomas and Esther (Rittenhouse) Barton, born in 1762.  He was admitted to the bar in 1778, and elected to represent Lancaster County in the state House of Representatives, 1793-1795.  In 1796 he was elected to the Senate of Pennsylvania, and reelected in 1800.  He married Esther Cox, the daughter of Tench Cox.  He was a well known scholar in natural history, a mineralologist, and without classical training, an excellent painter. He died in Philadelphia on January 11, 1809, at 47 years.