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07/31/2021 07:36 AM
Pennsylvania State Senate

Maskell Ewing

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Portrait: Charles Wilson Peale



Session Position District Party
1813-1814 2 Federalist
1815-1816 2 Federalist
1817-1818 2 Federalist
1819-1820 2 Federalist
 Counties   Chester, Delaware


1758 - 1825

The son of Maskell Sr. and Mary (Paget) Ewing, Maskell Ewing Jr. was born, January 30, 1758, Greenwich, Cumberland County, New Jersey.  Appointed Clerk of the New Jersey General Assembly in Trenton, 1779, a position he maintained for two decades.  In the meantime, he studied law under William C. Houston of Philadelphia and entered the legal profession in 1788; he served as recorder of the city of Trenton, 1799-1906; moved to Philadelphia, then to Delawatre County, where he was elected to the state Senate in 1813.  He died on a visit to his hometown Greenwich, August 26, 1825.
A History of Trenton, 1679-1929, The Trenton Historical Society