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Pennsylvania State Senate

Stephen Duncan


Session Position District Party
1821-1822 2 Federalist
1823-1824 2 Federalist
1825-1826 2 Federalist
1827-1828 2 Federalist
1829-1830 2 Federalist
 Counties   Philadelphia


1796 - 1860

The son of state Supreme Court Justice Thomas and Martha Callendar Duncan of Cumberland County, Stephen was born on “Big Island” Cumberland, later Perry County about 1796. 
Married Margaret Stiles in 1811.
Stephen and Margaret followed his father and family to Philadelphia in 1817 after Thomas received a Governor Snyder appointment to the state supreme court, settling in Oxford Township, Philadelphia County.  They had no children, and Margaret apparently died in the early 1820s.
Stephen Duncan was in Philadelphia in 1820, 35-46 years old; lived with woman who was 46-56 years old, no children.  
In 1821, entered the Senate.
Sen. Stephen Duncan was a founding member of the Pa. Hist. Soc. Phil, 1824
Stephen Duncan esq of Philadelphia married Louisa Pollard of Cumberland, Md. in Harrisburg, June 10, 1828; Rev. Wm. Dewitt.
Land Records: 1829: Thomas Duncan exrs to Stephen Duncan; father had died and Stephen was working out estate matters (paying debt) in Harrisburg.
Left Senate in 1830.
He and Louisa then moved to a plantation on Bayou Teche, St. Mary’s Parish, Louisiana, close to several other members of the Carlisle Duncan clan; especially first cousin Dr. Stephen Duncan of Natchez, Adams Co., Miss.
Raised his family in Louisiana.  About 1848, he became encumbered in debt from the nation’s bank panic; freed most of his slaves, mortgaged his property and moved back north
In 1850, his wife and dtrs. Margaret, Mary, Eliza, and Francis lived in a Harrisburg Boarding House, (ESPey’s)
About 1853, the family moved to Washington, D.C., where Stephen passed away, April 16, 1860
There exists a bust and lithograph of Judge Thomas Duncan and lithograph (Phil. 1885)
Judge Duncan buried at the “Old Cemetery” in Carlisle, the Duncan lot.
(Grandfather) There was an elder Stephen Duncan of Carlisle, attorneyca. 1787; his dtr. md. Jonathasn Hoge Walker; Walker read law with Stephen Duncan; Walker died in Natchez, Miss.