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09/17/2021 07:31 PM
Pennsylvania State Senate

Edward C Darlington



Session Position District Party
1851 7 Whig
1853 7 Whig
 Counties   Lancaster, Lebanon


1819 - 1874

The son of Dr. William and Catherine Lacey Darlington, Edward C. Darlington was born on May 2, 1819; served as a printer’s apprentice with Henry S. Evans of Lancaster as a young boy; later trained with Horace Greeley’s New Yorker, where Greeley appointed Darlington associate editor; and in 1841 he married his first wife Emily Franklin and became co-owner, editor, and publisher of the “Silver-Hair” Whig journal, the Lancaster Examiner and Herald.  He was elected state senator in 1851, serving a three-year term to 1854.  Emily Franklin died in 1850, and Edward C. married (2) Mary Leland Hawley.  Over time, Darlington became sole proprietor of the newspaper, selling the property to Congressman and state Senator John Heistand in October 1858, retiring to farming as a wealthy gentleman in the East Ward of Lancaster, at age 42.  The former publisher and his family relocated in Williamsburg, York County, Virginia in 1861, just months before the Civil War broke out.  His several thousand acres, out buildings and house that he purchased were decimated by both armies.  He died, nevertheless, a man of means on March 28, 1874.