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05/08/2021 07:52 PM
Pennsylvania State Senate

Eckley Brinton Coxe



Session Position District Party
1881-1882 21 Democrat
1883-1884 21 Democrat
 Counties   Luzerne


1839 - 1895

 Mining engineer, born in Philadelphia, 4 June, 1839; graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in 1858, where also he took a three-years' course in the scientific department. After spending six months in the anthracite coal region of Pennsylvania engaged in topographical geology, he went abroad in 1860. Two years were spent at the Ecole des mines in Paris; and a year in the Freiberg mining-school, after which he continued for nearly two years studying the mines in England and continental Europe. Soon after his return to the United States he embarked in the coal business, and his mines of anthracite in Drifton, Pennsylvania. are among the most successful and best-conducted pieces of mining property in the state. During the summer of 1877 they were selected by the faculty of Columbia College school of mines as affording better facilities for study than any other. As an expert on the mining and preparation of anthracite coal, and on the subject of mine surveying, Mr. Coxe has frequently lectured before scientific bodies. He has been prominent in the American institute of mining engineers, being its president from May, 1878, till February, 1880; also in the Institute of mechanical engineers, of which he was vice-president from April, 1880, till November, 1881; and he is a member of the American society of civil engineers. He has published papers on technical subjects, chiefly in the transactions of the societies of which he is a member, and has translated the first volume of the fourth edition of Weisbach's "Mechanics of Engineering, and Construction of Machines" (New York, 1872). From 1880 till 1884 he was a state senator in Pennsylvania.
Died 13 May, 1895; parents Charles Sidney and Ann Maria (Brinton) Coxe.