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09/27/2021 07:51 PM
Pennsylvania State Senate

Franklin Howell Agnew

Photo credit: J. F. Richard, History of Beaver County (New York: A. Warner & Co., Publishers, 1888).


Session Position District Party
1883-1884 46 Republican
1885-1886 46 Republican
 Counties   Beaver, Washington


1842 -

Frank Agnew, attorney, was born in Beaver County on April 6, 1842, the son of state Supreme Court Justice Daniel and Elizabeth (Moore) Agnew.  He was reared in Beaver, and received his education in Beaver Academy, later attending Jefferson College, from which he graduated in 1862. He taught in the Beaver Academy, then in Washington County, the Iron City Business College, and taught there as well.  Agnew became principal of old Beaver Academy and then joined the United States Coast Survey, resigning in 1871.   In 1872, he studied law in his father’s office, was admitted to the bar, and formed a partnership with John M. Buchanan, which continued to 1887. He was elected to the state Senate in 1882, serving one term through 1886.  He married Nancy Kidd Lauck.  The Honorable Franklin Howell Agnew and wife Nancy left Beaver and moved to Richmond, Henrico County, Virginia with their daughter Elizabeth and son-in-law Dr. Herbert Mann in 1912, when Dr. Mann accepted the position of surgeon at the Virginia State Penitentiary.  In 1930 he is an 88 year-old resident of Lee Ward, Richmond Virginia, still living with his son-in-law, Dr. Mann.  Wife Nancy is 72 in 1930.  His grandchildren are Nancy and William H. Mann.  There is no accessible published record of the Senator’s death.