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05/09/2021 12:17 PM
Pennsylvania State Senate

Robert Adams, Jr



Session Position District Party
1883-1884 6 Republican
1885-1886 6 Republican
 Counties   Philadelphia


1849 - 1906

Robert Adams, Jr. was born on February 26, 1849, the son of Robert and Matilda Maybin Hart Adams of Philadelphia. The Senator attended public primary school and Doctor Fairies Physical Institute, graduating from the Wharton School of Economy and Finance, University of Pennsylvania in 1869. He studied law with Geo. W. Biddle; was admitted to the bar in 1872, but never practiced. He was a member of the United States Geological Survey during the Yellowstone exploration in 1875; a Major and Judge Advocate for the Pa. National Guard, First Brigade, 1881-1895; Lt. Col. and aide de camp for Gov. Beaver; president of the Wharton School Associates; and a member of the First City Troop. He served in the Pennsylvania State Senate, 1883-1886; was appointed United States Minister to Brazil on April 1, 1889, and served until June 1, 1890, when he resigned. Adams was elected to the US House of Representatives, serving from 1893 until his death by suicide on June 1, 1906, after suffering heavy financial losses in stock speculation.