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10/18/2018 09:30 PM
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

House Committee Roll Call Votes

Committee FINANCE Date February 6, 2018
Bill/Resolution HB908 PN1041 Type of Motion Report Bill As Committed
Maker of Motion Rep. Rozzi Seconded by Rep. Evankovich
Brief Description Amends the Tax Reform Code to provide an income tax exemption for the value of Olympic Medals and monetary prizes.

Majority Members

O'Neill, Bernie - Chair
Bernstine, Aaron
Bloom, Stephen
Corr, Michael N.
Dunbar, George
Evankovich, Eli
Greiner, Keith J.
Kaufer, Aaron D.
Keller, Fred
Lawrence, John A.
Milne, Duane D.
Peifer, Michael
Quigley, Thomas J.
Roe, Eric
Ryan, Francis X.
Sankey, Tommy

Minority Members

Wheatley, Jake - Chair
Boyle, Kevin J.
Daley, Mary Jo
Davidson, Margo L.
Dean, Madeleine
Driscoll, Michael J.
Harris, Jordan A.
Kavulich, Sid M.
Kinsey, Stephen
Rabb, Christopher M.
Rozzi, Mark

Vote Summary

YEAS: 27
NV: 0