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02/21/2019 05:42 PM
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

House Committee Roll Call Votes

Committee RULES Date September 25, 2018
Bill/Resolution HB126 PN3814 A09476 Type of Motion Adopt Amendment
Maker of Motion Rep. Saylor Seconded by Rep. Cutler
Brief Description Adds language to the prescribing opioids to minors provision in Title 35 to clarify that treatment rendered while a minor remains admitted to a health care facility is not subject to the prescriber requirements currently in law

Majority Members

Reed, Dave - Chair
Corbin, Becky
Cutler, Bryan
Godshall, Robert W.
Kauffman, Rob W.
Lawrence, John A.
Masser, Kurt A.
Mustio, Mark
Pickett, Tina
Rader, Jack
Reese, Mike
Sankey, Tommy
Saylor, Stan
Toohil, Tarah
Topper, Jesse
Turzai, Mike
Ward, Judy
Watson, Katharine M.

Minority Members

Dermody, Frank - Chair
Carroll , Mike
Costa, Dom
Costa, Paul
Daley, Mary Jo
Donatucci, Maria P.
Frankel, Dan
Goodman, Neal P.
Hanna, Michael K.
Harkins, Patrick J.
Harris, Jordan A.
Kinsey, Stephen
Markosek, Joseph F.
Sturla, P. M.
Youngblood, Rosita C.

Vote Summary

YEAS: 32
NV: 1