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05/23/2019 03:16 PM
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

House Committee Roll Call Votes

Committee CONSUMER AFFAIRS Date June 5, 2017
Bill/Resolution HB1490 PN1896 A01598 Type of Motion Adopt Amendment
Maker of Motion Rep. Godshall Seconded by Rep. Caltagirone
Brief Description This is a technical amendment that clarifies the bill language. This amendment was drafted in consultation with the PUC based upon lessons learned when PGW was placed under its regulatory authority.

Majority Members

Godshall, Robert W. - Chair
DiGirolamo, Gene
Ellis, Brian L.
Emrick, Joe
Farry, Frank A.
Heffley, Doyle
Kampf, Warren
Kauffman, Rob W.
Metzgar, Carl W.
Miccarelli, Nick
Nelson, Eric R.
Pickett, Tina
Quigley, Thomas J.
Reese, Mike
Stephens, Todd
White, Martina A.

Minority Members

Caltagirone, Thomas R. - Chair
Bizzarro, Ryan A.
Burns, Frank
Davidson, Margo L.
Davis, Tina M.
Flynn, Marty
Matzie, Robert F.
Neilson, Ed
Neuman, Brandon P.
Schweyer, Peter
Snyder , Pam

Vote Summary

YEAS: 25
NV: 2