No. 993 Session of 1979



                                     AN ACT

     1  Amending the act of June 22, 1931 (P.L.720, No.262), entitled
     2     "An act providing for the taking over by the Commonwealth,
     3     under certain terms, conditions and limitations, of certain
     4     streets in cities of the second class, second class A, and
     5     third class as State highways, and for the improvement,
     6     construction, reconstruction, resurfacing and maintenance by
     7     the Commonwealth of certain defined widths of said streets;
     8     imposing duties on such cities and on public utility
     9     companies using such streets; providing that no assessment
    10     shall be made upon the Commonwealth in the elimination of any
    11     grade crossing thereon; authorizing cities, persons,
    12     associations, or corporations to enter into agreements with
    13     the Commonwealth to bear a portion of the cost of
    14     construction or maintenance; providing for the assessment of
    15     certain portions of the cost of street improvements on
    16     abutting property owners; regulating the replacement of
    17     certain facilities of public utility companies; prohibiting
    18     the opening of said streets after improvement without a
    19     permit, and providing penalty therefor; regulating the
    20     maintenance of detours; authorizing the increase of city
    21     indebtedness in certain cases; and appropriating money in the
    22     Motor License Fund for the purposes of this act," deleting a
    23     portion of Route 48129 in the City of Bethlehem.

    24     The General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
    25  hereby enacts as follows:
    26     Section 1.  Route 48129, act of June 22, 1931 (P.L.720,
    27  No.262), referred to as the City State Highway Law, added
    28  December 15, 1971 (P.L.610, No.164), is amended to read:

     1     Route 48129.  Beginning at a point at the intersection of
     2  Route 1007 (Bethlehem Spur) and Eighth Avenue; thence in a
     3  northerly direction over Eighth Avenue to an intersection with
     4  Eaton Avenue [and proposed Washington Avenue]; thence in an
     5  easterly direction [over proposed Washington Avenue] over Eaton
     6  Avenue to an intersection of Schoenersville Road (Route 48049)
     7  and proposed Washington Avenue; [thence in a northeasterly
     8  direction over proposed Washington Avenue, to a point on the
     9  dividing line of the City of Bethlehem, Lehigh County and
    10  Hanover Township, Northampton County; thence beginning again on
    11  the easterly dividing line of Hanover Township and the City of
    12  Bethlehem, Northampton County, crossing Monacacy Creek, and
    13  continuing in an easterly direction over proposed Washington
    14  Avenue to an intersection with Main Street and existing
    15  Washington Avenue; thence continuing over existing Washington
    16  Avenue in an easterly direction to an] beginning again at the
    17  intersection with Linden Street (Route 297); thence in a
    18  southeasterly direction over existing Washington Avenue,
    19  [crossing] to the intersection of Easton Avenue (Route 159),
    20  [and continuing over existing Washington Avenue to an
    21  intersection with Stefko Boulevard; thence in a southwesterly
    22  direction over]; beginning again at the intersection with Stefko
    23  Boulevard[, crossing] and Pembroke Road (Route 48011), and
    24  continuing in a southwesterly direction over Stefko Boulevard to
    25  an intersection with Goepp Street; thence over Stefko Boulevard
    26  in a southerly direction to a point at the northern end of the
    27  Minsi Trail Bridge (Off-Route but owned by the Commonwealth);
    28  thence in a southerly direction over the Minsi Trail Bridge and
    29  its southerly approach to an intersection with Daly Avenue;
    30  thence in a southeasterly direction over Daly Avenue to a point
    19790S0993B1168                  - 2 -

     1  at the intersection of Daly Avenue and East Fourth Street (Route
     2  530) in the City of Bethlehem, Lehigh and Northampton Counties,
     3  a distance of about [3.7] 1.6 miles.
     4     Section 2.  This act shall take effect immediately.

    J1L35RZ/19790S0993B1168          - 3 -