1Recognizing September 15 through October 15, 2013, as "Hispanic
2Heritage Month" in Pennsylvania.

3WHEREAS, Throughout our history, Hispanic Americans have
4enriched the cultural diversity of our nation and this
5Commonwealth through their contributions to business, industry,
6politics, education, science, sports and the arts; and

7WHEREAS, Hispanic Americans now comprise the largest and
8fastest-growing minority ethnic group in the United States; and

9WHEREAS, Nearly 12.8 million Hispanic Americans are residing
10in this Commonwealth; and

11WHEREAS, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and
12Nicaragua commemorate the anniversary of their independence on
13September 15; and

14WHEREAS, In Mexico, Chile and Belize, holiday observances
15continue from this period through Dia de la Raza, October 12;

17WHEREAS, National Hispanic Heritage Month is observed

1annually in the United States from September 15 through October
215 in accordance with Public Law 100-402, as enacted on August
317, 1988; and

4WHEREAS, The 2013 Presidental Proclamation setting forth
5National Hispanic Heritage Month notes that:

6Whether our ancestors crossed the Atlantic in 1790 or the
7Rio Grande in 1970, Americans are bound by a set of
8common values -- a love of liberty and justice, the
9belief that a better life should await anyone willing to
10work for it;


12WHEREAS, "Hispanics: Serving and Leading Our Nation with
13Pride and Honor" is the theme of the 2013 national observance;

15WHEREAS, The Senate respectfully acknowledges the tremendous
16record of service and leadership among Hispanic Americans in
17communities throughout this Commonwealth; therefore be it

18RESOLVED, That the Senate recognize September 15 through
19October 15, 2013, as "Hispanic Heritage Month" in Pennsylvania.