1Directing the Joint State Government Commission to study the
2issue of violence prevention, to establish an advisory
3committee to conduct a thorough and comprehensive analysis of
4the underlying causes of violent crime, including mass
5shootings, and to report to the Senate with its findings and

7WHEREAS, The terrible tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School
8in Connecticut and other mass shootings in recent years require
9additional review of the underlying causes of violent crime,
10including mass shootings, in Pennsylvania and elsewhere in the
11nation; and

12WHEREAS, Violent crime affects all Pennsylvanians; and

13WHEREAS, There are common themes in many of these violent
14events which require us to examine our laws and procedures
15relating to violent crime; and

16WHEREAS, These common themes include mental illness and
17mental health treatment, keeping firearms out of the hands of
18criminals and the mentally ill, school security, bullying, gang-

1related activity, educational issues and cultural influences,
2including violent video games; and

3WHEREAS, In recent sessions, members of the General Assembly
4have recognized the need to address the issue of violent crime
5and have introduced numerous bills with that goal in mind; and

6WHEREAS, The Senate Judiciary Committee received
7recommendations relating to dealing with violent crime at
8hearings held across this Commonwealth; therefore be it

9RESOLVED, That the Senate direct the Joint State Government
10Commission to establish an advisory committee of approximately
1125 members consisting of public officials and experts on the
12issue of violent crime, which is balanced so that it encompasses
13a wide range of backgrounds and viewpoints; and be it further

14RESOLVED, That the Joint State Government Commission, working
15with the advisory committee, conduct a thorough and
16comprehensive analysis of violent crime, mass shootings, the
17issues set forth in this resolution and other related issues as
18determined by the commission; and be it further

19RESOLVED, That the Joint State Government Commission, working
20with the advisory committee, study the proposals made to the
21Senate Judiciary Committee, review other proposals, including
22best practices that address the issue of violent crime, and,
23based on this study, develop recommendations best suited for
24Pennsylvania; and be it further

25RESOLVED, That the Joint State Government Commission
26establish a process by which interested members of the public
27can make suggestions and have input; and be it further

28RESOLVED, That the final report include any recommendations
29to change mental health laws and procedures, <-including the act 
30of July 9, 1976 (P.L.817, No.143), known as the Mental Health 

1Procedures Act, to amend 18 Pa.C.S. Ch. 61 Subch. A (relating to 
2Uniform Firearms Act) or to implement necessary changes in State
3statutes and practices, policies and procedures relating to
4violent crime, including measures to make our schools safer, and
5to develop awareness, education and other strategies to address
6issues relating to violent crime; and be it further

7RESOLVED, That the Joint State Government Commission issue a
8report to the Senate with its findings and recommendations not
9later than December 31, 2013.