1Amending Title 75 (Vehicles) of the Pennsylvania Consolidated
2Statutes, in registration of vehicles, providing for special
3plates for recipients of Combat Infantry Badge.

4The General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
5hereby enacts as follows:

6Section 1. Title 75 of the Pennsylvania Consolidated
7Statutes is amended by adding a section to read:

8§ 1369.1. Special plates for recipients of Combat Infantry

10Upon application of any person who is a recipient of the
11Combat Infantry Badge, accompanied by a fee of $10 which shall
12be in addition to the annual registration fee and by such
13documentation as the department shall require, the department
14shall issue to the person a special registration plate
15designating the vehicle so licensed as belonging to a person who
16is a recipient of the Combat Infantry Badge. The special
17registration plate may be used only on a passenger car or truck

1with a registered gross weight of not more than 14,000 pounds.

2Section 2. This act shall take effect in 60 days.