1Amending Title 34 (Game) of the Pennsylvania Consolidated
2Statutes, further providing for definitions and for powers
3and duties of commission.

4The General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
5hereby enacts as follows:

6Section 1. Section 102 of Title 34 of the Pennsylvania
7Consolidated Statutes is amended by adding definitions to read:

8§ 102. Definitions.

9Subject to additional definitions contained in subsequent
10provisions of this title which are applicable to specific
11provisions of this title, the following words and phrases when
12used in this title shall have the meanings given to them in this
13section unless the context clearly indicates otherwise:

14* * *

15"Carrying capacity." The maximum number of animals of a
16species that a habitat or ecosystem may support and sustain.

17* * *

18"Ecosystem." An ecological environment consisting of all the

1living organisms, such as plants and animals, in the unit of
2space, as well as all the nonliving, physical components of the
3environment with which the organisms interact, such as air,
4soil, water and sunlight. The term may be represented by a unit
5of space, including a drop of water, lake, forest or mountain.
6The term may include a wildlife management unit as described by
7the commission.

8* * *

9"Habitat." A natural area, such as a forest, field or body
10of water, where an animal commonly lives or where individuals of
11a population live and that provides essential food, water, cover
12and living space.

13* * *

14"Maximum sustained yield." The management of game animals,
15including white-tailed deer, toward producing the maximum number
16of animals for consumptive use that may be sustained over time,
17thus maximizing the recreational aspects of the harvest.

18* * *

19Section 2. Section 322 of Title 34 is amended to read:

20§ 322. Powers and duties of commission.

21(a) Duties.--It shall be the duty of the commission to
22protect, propagate, manage and preserve the game or wildlife of
23this Commonwealth and to enforce, by proper actions and
24proceedings, the laws of this Commonwealth relating thereto. In 
25fulfilling the duty, the commission must focus primarily on 
26serving the interest of sportsmen and the special heritage of 
27recreational hunting and furtaking in this Commonwealth.

28(b) General powers and duties.--The commission has the power
29and duty to take all actions necessary for the administration
30and enforcement of this title.

1(c) Specific powers and duties.--In order to administrate
2and enforce this title, the commission through proper action

4(1) Subject to section 2102(b) (relating to seasons,
5possession, bag limits and devices), fix seasons, daily
6shooting or taking hours, and any modification thereof, and
7daily, season and possession limits for any species of game
8or wildlife.

9(2) Remove protection, declare an open season or
10increase, reduce or close a season.

11(3) Increase or reduce bag limits or possession limits.

12(4) Define geographic limitations or restrictions.

13(5) Fix the type and number of devices which may be used
14to take game or wildlife.

15(6) Limit the number of hunters or furtakers in any
16designated area and prescribe the lawful methods of hunting
17or taking furbearers in these areas.

18(7) Govern the use of recorded calls or sounds or
19amplified calls or sounds of any description for taking or
20hunting game or wildlife.

21(8) Add to or change the classification of any wild bird
22or wild animal.

23(9) Prohibit the possession, importation, exportation or
24release of any species of birds or animals which may be
25considered dangerous or injurious to the general public or to
26the wildlife of this Commonwealth.

27(10) Manage and develop its lands and waters and other
28government or private lands and waters under agreement with
29the owners as it considers advisable and, by proper action
30and proceedings, enact and enforce regulations to insure the

1prudent and proper use of these lands.

2(11) Collect, classify and preserve such statistics,
3data and information as in its judgment will tend to promote
4the object of this title and take charge of and keep all
5reports, books, papers and documents which shall, in the
6discharge of its duties, come into its possession or under
7its control.

8(12) Take any necessary action to accomplish and assure
9the purposes of this title.

10(13) Serve the interest of sportsmen by preserving and
11promoting our special heritage of recreational hunting and
12furtaking by providing ample game and adequate opportunity to
13hunt and trap the wildlife resources of this Commonwealth.

14(14) Provide the maximum sustained yield of game for
15sport hunting and trapping, including white-tailed deer, as
16prescribed by the carrying capacity of the ecosystem to
17support and maintain respective populations of game.

18(15) Enhance habitat toward increasing the carrying
19capacity of the ecosystem for the maximum sustained yield of
20game, including white-tailed deer, and for optimizing
21densities of nongame species of birds and mammals.

22Section 3. This act shall take effect in 60 days.