1Amending the act of August 31, 1971 (P.L.398, No.96), entitled
2"An act providing for the creation, maintenance and operation
3of a county employes' retirement system, and imposing certain
4charges on counties and providing penalties," further
5providing for supplemental benefits.

6The General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
7hereby enacts as follows:

8Section 1. Section 30(b) of the act of August 31, 1971
9(P.L.398, No.96), known as the County Pension Law, amended July
1018, 1986 (P.L.1410, No.126), is amended to read:

11Section 30. Supplemental Benefits.--* * *

12(b) The cost-of-living increase shall be reviewed at least
13once in every three years by the board which may adjust the
14percentages in accordance with cost-of-living index at the time
15of review[.], provided that the adjustment need not be 
16calculated retroactively to the date of the previous cost-of-
17living increase approved by the board under this section and 
18need not apply the cost-of-living index change for each year

1since such previous cost-of-living increase.

2Section 2. This act shall take effect in 60 days.