1Designating the bridge carrying PA Route 973 over Hoagland Run
2in Lycoming Township, Lycoming County, as the Bruce E.
3Bartley, Sr., Bridge.

4The General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
5hereby enacts as follows:

6Section 1. Bruce E. Bartley, Sr., Bridge.

7(a) Findings and declarations.--The General Assembly finds
8and declares as follows:

9(1) Bruce E. Bartley, Sr., was born on September 6,
101923, in Lycoming County.

11(2) Mr. Bartley was drafted in the United States Army in
121942 where he fought in five major campaigns.

13(3) Mr. Bartley earned the rank of Corporal T-5 until
14his honorable discharge in 1945.

15(4) Mr. Bartley married the former Mildred Hornberger.

16(5) He served as a Lycoming Township Supervisor from
171953 until 1961.

18(6) Mr. Bartley was a member of St. Michael's Church in
19Quiggleville, as well as many community and professional

1organizations, including being member and past president of
2the St. Michael's Cemetery Association and The Grand Lodge of
3Free and Accepted Masons of Pennsylvania since 1964.

4(7) He has volunteered extensively over the years and is
5a respected member of his community.

6(8) Mr. Bartley is the father of four children and eight

8(9) Mr. Bartley currently resides on the family farm
9where he was born.

10(b) Designation.--The bridge carrying PA Route 973 over
11Hoagland Run in Lycoming Township, Lycoming County, is hereby
12designated and shall be known as the Bruce E. Bartley, Sr.,

14(c) Signs.--The Department of Transportation shall erect and
15maintain appropriate signs to traffic both directions to
16indicate the designation under subsection (b).

17Section 2. Effective date.

18This act shall take effect immediately.