1Amending the act of August 26, 1971 (P.L.351, No.91), entitled 
2"An act providing for a State Lottery and administration 
3thereof; authorizing the creation of a State Lottery 
4Commission; prescribing its powers and duties; disposition of 
5funds; violations and penalties therefor; exemption of prizes 
6from State and local taxation and making an appropriation,"
7further providing for disposition of funds.

8The General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
9hereby enacts as follows:

10Section 1. Section 311 of the act of August 26, 1971 
11(P.L.351, No.91), known as the State Lottery Law, amended
12November 21, 1996 (P.L.741, No.134), is amended to read:

13Section 311. Disposition of funds.

14(a) State Lottery Fund.--All moneys received from the
15operation of the State lottery shall be deposited in a State
16Lottery Fund which is hereby created. Such moneys shall be used
17to the extent necessary for the payment of lottery prizes but
18the amount so used shall not be less than 40% of the amount of
19which tickets or shares have been sold. All payments of lottery
20prizes and for expenses of operation of the lottery shall be

1made as provided by law. [All] Except as provided in this 
2subsection, all moneys remaining after payment of prizes and
3operating expenses shall remain in the State Lottery Fund and
4shall be allocated for the purpose of providing property tax
5relief for the elderly for taxes paid in 1971 and thereafter
6pursuant to the provisions of the act of March 11, 1971
7(P.L.104, No.3), known as the Senior Citizens Rebate and
8Assistance Act, and for the purpose of providing free or reduced
9fare transit service for the elderly pursuant to Chapter 9 and
10the act of February 11, 1976 (P.L.14, No.10), known as the
11Pennsylvania Rural and Intercity Common Carrier Surface
12Transportation Assistance Act. Moneys may be allocated to the 
13Pennsylvania Council on the Arts for the purpose of offering 
14arts programming to persons 65 years of age or older. In the
15event sufficient funds are not available from the lottery
16receipts to meet the requirements of the Senior Citizens Rebate
17and Assistance Act or for providing free or reduced fare transit
18service for the elderly under Chapter 9 and the Pennsylvania
19Rural and Intercity Common Carrier Surface Transportation
20Assistance Act, additional funds to fulfill these obligations
21shall be appropriated from the General Fund for this purpose.

22(b) Appropriations.--The moneys in said State Lottery Fund
23shall be appropriated only:

24(1) For the payment of prizes to the holders of winning
25lottery tickets or shares.

26(2) For the expenses of the division in its operation of
27the lottery.

28(3) For property tax relief and free or reduced fare
29transit service for the elderly as provided under subsection

1(4) For offering arts programming to persons 65 years of
2age or older as provided under subsection (a).

3Section 2. This act shall take effect in 60 days.