1Amending Title 65 (Public Officers) of the Pennsylvania
2Consolidated Statutes, in ethics standards and financial
3disclosure, further providing for statement of financial

5The General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
6hereby enacts as follows:

7Section 1. Section 1105(b) and (c) of Title 65 of the
8Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes are amended to read:

9§ 1105. Statement of financial interests.

10* * *

11(b) Required information.--The statement shall include the
12following information for the prior calendar year with regard to
13the person required to file the statement:

14(1) Name, address and public position.

15(2) Occupation or profession.

16(3) Any direct or indirect interest in any real estate
17which was sold or leased to the Commonwealth, any of its
18agencies or political subdivisions, or purchased or leased

1from the Commonwealth, any of its agencies or political
2subdivisions, or which was the subject of any condemnation
3proceedings by the Commonwealth, any of its agencies or
4political subdivisions.

5(4) The name and address of each creditor to whom is
6owed in excess of $6,500 and the interest rate thereon.
7However, loans or credit extended between members of the
8immediate family and mortgages securing real property which
9is the principal or secondary residence of the person filing
10shall not be included.

11(5) The name and address of any direct or indirect
12source of income totaling in the aggregate $1,300 or more.
13However, this provision shall not be construed to require the
14divulgence of confidential information protected by statute
15or existing professional codes of ethics or common law

17(6) The name and address of the source and the amount of
18any gift [or gifts valued in the aggregate at $250 or] of
19more than $50 and the circumstances of each gift. This
20paragraph shall not apply to a gift or gifts received from a
21spouse, parent, parent by marriage, sibling, child,
22grandchild, other family member or friend when the
23circumstances make it clear that the motivation for the
24action was a personal or family relationship. However, for
25the purposes of this paragraph, the term "friend" shall not
26include a registered lobbyist or an employee of a registered

28(7) The name and address of the source and the amount of
29any payment for or reimbursement of an actual [expenses]
30expense for transportation and lodging or hospitality

1received in connection with public office or employment where
2such actual [expenses] expense for transportation and lodging
3or hospitality [exceed $650 in an aggregate amount per year]
4exceeds $100. This paragraph shall not apply to expenses
5reimbursed by a governmental body or to expenses reimbursed
6by an organization or association of public officials or
7employees of political subdivisions which the public official
8or employee serves in an official capacity.

9(8) Any office, directorship or employment of any nature
10whatsoever in any business entity.

11(9) Any financial interest in any legal entity engaged
12in business for profit.

13(10) The identity of any financial interest in a
14business with which the reporting person is or has been
15associated in the preceding calendar year which has been
16transferred to a member of the reporting person's immediate

18(c) Reporting amounts.--Except [where an amount is] as
19required to be reported pursuant to subsection (b)(6) and (7),
20the statement of financial interests need not include specific
21amounts for the items required to be listed.

22* * *

23Section 2. This act shall take effect in 60 days.