1To the act of July 7, 1972 (P.L.743, No.176), entitled "An act 
2providing for the establishment and operation of Lincoln 
3University as an instrumentality of the Commonwealth to serve 
4as a State-related institution in the higher education system 
5of the Commonwealth; providing for change of name; providing 
6for the composition of the board of trustees; terms of 
7trustees, and the power and duties of such trustees; 
8providing for preference to Pennsylvania residents in 
9tuition; authorizing appropriations in amounts to be fixed 
10annually by the General Assembly; providing for the auditing 
11of accounts of expenditures from said appropriations; 
12providing for public support and capital improvements; 
13authorizing the issuance of bonds exempt from taxation within 
14the Commonwealth; requiring the President to make an annual 
15report of the operations of Lincoln University," making an 
16appropriation for carrying the same into effect; providing 
17for a basis for payments of the appropriation; and providing 
18a method of accounting for the funds appropriated and for 
19certain fiscal information disclosure.

20The General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
21hereby enacts as follows:

22Section 1. The sum of <-$11,163,000 $13,163,000, or as much
23thereof as may be necessary, is hereby appropriated to the
24Trustees of Lincoln University, Chester County, for the fiscal
25year July 1, 2013, to June 30, 2014, for general support.

26Section 2. Payments to Lincoln University on account of the

1appropriation provided in section 1 shall be made on the basis
2of costs during the fiscal year.

3Section 3. (a) Payments to Lincoln University of the
4appropriation provided in section 1 shall be made monthly during
5the fiscal year.

6(b) Such monthly payments shall be made in accordance with
7the provisions of section 2 on the basis of estimated costs. The
8estimate of costs shall be submitted by Lincoln University to
9the Secretary of Education, the General Assembly and the State
10Treasurer not later than 30 days prior to the date on which such
11payment is to be made.

12Section 4. (a) Lincoln University shall apply the moneys
13appropriated by this act only for such purposes as are permitted
14in this act and shall at all times maintain proper records
15showing the application of such moneys. Not later than 120 days
16after the close of the fiscal year to which this act relates,
17Lincoln University shall file, with the Secretary of Education,
18the General Assembly and the Auditor General of the
19Commonwealth, a statement setting forth the amounts and purposes
20of all expenditures made from moneys appropriated by this act
21and costs, as provided in section 2, used as a basis for receipt
22of any appropriation during said fiscal year.

23(b) Such statement of expenditures and costs shall be
24reviewed by the Auditor General of the Commonwealth, and he
25shall have the right, in respect to the moneys appropriated by
26this act, to audit and disallow expenditures made for purposes
27not permitted by this act and to cause such sums to be recovered
28and paid by Lincoln University to the State Treasurer. In
29respect to expenditures made by the university from moneys other
30than those appropriated by this act, the Auditor General shall

1have the right to review only, and he shall file annually with
2the General Assembly such information concerning said
3expenditures as the General Assembly or any of its committees
4may require.

5Section 5. The Lincoln University shall provide full,
6complete and accurate information as may be required by the
7Department of Education or the chairman or the minority chairman
8of the Appropriations Committee of the Senate or the chairman or
9the minority chairman of the Appropriations Committee of the
10House of Representatives.

11Section 6. Lincoln University shall present and report its
12financial statements required under the provisions of this act
13in accordance with: the generally accepted accounting principles
14as prescribed by the National Association of College and
15University Business Officers, the American Institute of
16Certified Public Accountants, or their successors, or by any
17other recognized authoritative body; the "Commonwealth of
18Pennsylvania Budget Instructions for the State System of Higher
19Education, State-Related Universities and Non-State-Related
20Colleges and Universities"; and the financial reporting policies
21and standards promulgated by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
22and by the Federal Government that apply to Lincoln University.

23Section 7. This act shall take effect July 1, 2013, or
24immediately, whichever is later.