1Amending the act of March 20, 2002 (P.L.154, No.13), entitled
2"An act reforming the law on medical professional liability;
3providing for patient safety and reporting; establishing the
4Patient Safety Authority and the Patient Safety Trust Fund;
5abrogating regulations; providing for medical professional
6liability informed consent, damages, expert qualifications,
7limitations of actions and medical records; establishing the
8Interbranch Commission on Venue; providing for medical
9professional liability insurance; establishing the Medical
10Care Availability and Reduction of Error Fund; providing for
11medical professional liability claims; establishing the Joint
12Underwriting Association; regulating medical professional
13liability insurance; providing for medical licensure
14regulation; providing for administration; imposing penalties;
15and making repeals," in regulation of medical professional
16liability insurance, repealing provisions relating to reports
17to commissioner and claims information.

18The General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
19hereby enacts as follows:

20Section 1.  Section 743 of the act of March 20, 2002
21(P.L.154, No.13), known as the Medical Care Availability and
22Reduction of Error (Mcare) Act, is repealed:

23[Section 743.  Reports to commissioner and claims information.

24(a)  Duty to report.--By October 15 of each year, basic
25insurance coverage insurers and self-insured participating

1health care providers shall report to the department the claims
2information specified in subsection (b).

3(b)  Department report.--Sixty days after the end of each
4calendar year, the department shall prepare a report. The report
5shall contain the total amount of claims paid and expenses
6incurred during the preceding calendar year, the total amount of
7reserve set aside for future claims, the date and place in which
8each claim arose, the amounts paid, if any, and the disposition
9of each claim, judgment of court, settlement or otherwise. For
10final claims at the end of any calendar year, the report shall
11include details by basic insurance coverage insurers and self-
12insured participating health care providers of the amount of
13assessment collected, the number of reimbursements paid and the
14amount of reimbursements paid.

15(c)  Submission of report.--A copy of the report prepared
16pursuant to this section shall be submitted to the chairman and
17minority chairman of the Banking and Insurance Committee of the
18Senate and the chairman and minority chairman of the Insurance
19Committee of the House of Representatives.]

20Section 2.  This act shall take effect immediately.