1Amending the act of June 3, 1937 (P.L.1333, No.320), entitled
2"An act concerning elections, including general, municipal,
3special and primary elections, the nomination of candidates,
4primary and election expenses and election contests; creating
5and defining membership of county boards of elections;
6imposing duties upon the Secretary of the Commonwealth,
7courts, county boards of elections, county commissioners;
8imposing penalties for violation of the act, and codifying,
9revising and consolidating the laws relating thereto; and
10repealing certain acts and parts of acts relating to
11elections," in primary and election expenses, further
12providing for registration; and providing for monthly
13reporting and for manner of filing.

14The General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
15hereby enacts as follows:

16Section 1.  Section 1624(b) of the act of June 3, 1937
17(P.L.1333, No.320), known as the Pennsylvania Election Code,
18added October 4, 1978 (P.L.893, No.171), is amended to read:

19Section 1624.  Registration.--

20* * *

21(b)  Each registration statement shall contain the following

1(1)  The name, addresses and phone numbers of the political

3(2)  The name, address and phone number of the committee's

5(3)  The name, address and phone number of the committee's

7(4)  The names, addresses and relationships of other
8affiliated or connected organizations.

9(5)  The candidates, if any, and their names and addresses.

10(6)  The ballot question, if any, which the committee intends
11to support or oppose.

12(7)  The banks, safety deposit boxes or other repositories
13and their addresses used by the committee.

14(8)  The proposed period of operation of the committee.

15(9)  The Internet website address if the Internet website is
16used to solicit and receive campaign contributions.

17* * *

18Section 2.  The act is amended by adding sections to read:

19Section 1626.2.  Monthly Reporting.--Any political committee
20or candidate who receives contributions in an aggregate amount
21of fifty thousand dollars ($50,000) in a calendar month or
22incurs expenditures of fifty thousand dollars ($50,000) in a
23calendar month shall file a report within thirty (30) days of
24the last day of that month with the Secretary of the

26Section 1631.1.  Manner of Filing.--All Statewide candidates
27and candidates for Senator or Representative in the General
28Assembly shall file all their reports electronically with the
29Secretary of the Commonwealth.

30Section 3.  This act shall take effect in 60 days.