1Expressing concern that a cement manufacturing plant funded by
2the Province of Quebec will negatively impact the cement
3manufacturing industry in Pennsylvania and urging Ambassador
4Michael Froman, the United States Trade Representative, to
5review the funding for possible violations of international
6trade rules.

7WHEREAS, Pennsylvania has a number of active cement plants
8and a rich heritage of manufacturing cement; and

9WHEREAS, Those cement manufacturing plants provide
10Pennsylvania with numerous family-sustaining jobs; and

11WHEREAS, The cement manufacturing industry in Pennsylvania is
12being threatened by a proposed publicly subsidized cement plant
13in the Province of Quebec, Canada; and

14WHEREAS, The legislature of Quebec has authorized a $250
15million loan, a $100 million equity investment from the
16province's private equity fund and $100 million in equity from a
17provincial pension fund for McInnis Cement to build a cement
18plant; and

19WHEREAS, Numerous officials have said that without public

1funding, the plant is not viable and would not be built; and

2WHEREAS, McInnis will ship a majority of its product to the
3United States, where it could take a significant portion of the
4overall market and harm the Pennsylvania cement manufacturing
5industry and its employees; and

6WHEREAS, Pennsylvania should seek to protect its
7manufacturing jobs in the cement and concrete industries;
8therefore be it

9RESOLVED, That the House of Representatives express its
10concern that a cement manufacturing plant funded by the Province
11of Quebec will negatively impact the cement manufacturing
12industry in Pennsylvania and urge Ambassador Michael Froman, the
13United States Trade Representative, to review the public funding
14for possible violations of international trade rules.