1Directing the Legislative Budget and Finance Committee to review
2the Commonwealth's program of providing intervention for
3young athletes who sustain a brain injury, as required under
4the Safety in Youth Sports Act.

5WHEREAS, It is important for the Commonwealth to have
6appropriate and effective standards for managing student athlete
7concussions and traumatic brain injuries; and

8WHEREAS, The General Assembly recognized that Pennsylvania's
9young athletes were at risk for concussions and traumatic brain
10injuries and consequently enacted the act of November 9, 2011 
11(P.L.441, No.101), known as the Safety in Youth Sports Act; and

12WHEREAS, Evidence gathered by the Pennsylvania Brain Injury
13Coalition via survey shows that violations of the act's
14standards for removal from play, returning to play and
15appropriate attention prior to return to play may be occurring
16throughout this Commonwealth; and

17WHEREAS, The science of evaluating and treating concussions

1in athletes is rapidly evolving; and

2WHEREAS, Attention and awareness of the seriousness of
3properly treating sports injuries at all levels is increasing;

5WHEREAS, The General Assembly has an obligation to the
6residents of this Commonwealth to ensure that the Safety in
7Youth Sports Act achieves the results envisioned by its passage;

9WHEREAS, A review and evaluation of the implementation of the
10act is warranted; and

11WHEREAS, A review could lead to recommendations for improving
12the act so that Pennsylvania's young athletes, their families
13and their schools may benefit from updated standards; therefore
14be it

15RESOLVED, That the House of Representatives direct the
16Legislative Budget and Finance Committee to conduct a
17comprehensive review and evaluation of the Safety in Youth
18Sports Act and prepare a report of its findings that shall at a

20(1) determine best practice for managing concussions and
21traumatic brain injuries in sports;

22(2) identify the extent of compliance with the current
23law and reasons for noncompliance;

24(3) recommend areas of the act that should be
25strengthened to be more effective;

26(4) provide a review of similar laws in other states;

27(5) determine the overall effectiveness of the Safety in
28Youth Sports Act in achieving the goals of protecting public
29health and safety and promoting safe sports for youth in this

1and be it further

2RESOLVED, That the Legislative Budget and Finance Committee 
3report its findings and recommendations to the House of 
4Representatives within twelve months of the adoption of this