1Recognizing the important history of commercial development in
2Forest City, Pennsylvania, on the occasion of the borough's
3150th anniversary.

4WHEREAS, The Borough of Forest City was founded by William J.
5Pentecost in 1864; and

6WHEREAS, This year marks the 150th anniversary of the Borough
7of Forest City; and

8WHEREAS, Forest City embodies a rich history and proud
9heritage of commercial and economic development; and

10WHEREAS, Coal discoveries in the 19th century led Forest City
11to be referred to as "The Gateway to the Anthracite Valley"; and

12WHEREAS, Textiles, dressmaking and shoemaking were critical
13to the 20th century economy of Forest City; and

14WHEREAS, Forest City has successfully transitioned from a
1519th and 20th century industrial economy to a 21st century
16service economy; and

1WHEREAS, As a testament to this successful transition, former
2industrial properties have been repurposed to continue to serve
3Forest City's economic development; and

4WHEREAS, Jerry's Sports Center, the largest sporting goods
5wholesaler in the East, and Karti Sales Company, a manufacturer
6and provider of shower curtains and bath accessories, serve as
7leading examples of the opportunities available for business
8development in Forest City; and

9WHEREAS, The 30-acre Vision 2000 Industrial Park in Forest
10City serves as a hub for future investment, offering developers
11shovel-ready prepared lots with full utility service; and

12WHEREAS, The Vision 2000 Industrial Park serves as a Keystone
13Opportunity Zone and an Enterprise Zone, offering attractive tax
14benefits for businesses looking to establish a presence in
15northeast Pennsylvania; and

16WHEREAS, Forest City will continue to build upon its rich
17150-year history of successful commercial development; therefore
18be it

19RESOLVED, That the House of Representatives recognize the
20important contributions Forest City continues to make to the
21Pennsylvania economy 150 years after its establishment in 1864.