1Recognizing the 100th anniversary of the national Cooperative
2Extension System in this Commonwealth.

3WHEREAS, May 8, 2014, marks the 100th anniversary of the
4signing of the Smith-Lever Act of 1914, which officially created
5Federal funding for the national Cooperative Extension System;

7WHEREAS, The Smith-Lever Act created a partnership between
8the United States Department of Agriculture and the nation's
9land-grant universities that extended outreach programs to rural
10Americans; and

11WHEREAS, The Cooperative Extension System provides
12individuals living in rural communities with access to
13educational programs, information on advances in agricultural
14practices and the latest technologies; and

15WHEREAS, The Cooperative Extension System has been credited

1with increasing the United States' agricultural productivity
2since the 20th century; and

3WHEREAS, The Cooperative Extension System continues to serve
4a vital role in agricultural research, primarily through
5agricultural experiment stations and academic classes provided
6at 106 colleges and universities located throughout the United
7States; and

8WHEREAS, Community-based programs offered through the
9Cooperative Extension System serve individuals living in both
10rural and urban communities through a state-by-state network
11that provides educational and developmental services, such as
12the nationwide youth 4-H program, food and nutrition programs
13and disaster response education programs; and

14WHEREAS, Millions of youth, adults, families, farmers,
15ranchers, community leaders and others engage in Cooperative
16Extension System learning opportunities designed to extend
17knowledge and change lives; and

18WHEREAS, The Cooperative Extension System provides a
19practical approach to connecting educators with the public
20through community-based and online resources, further enabling
21people to make healthy life decisions while encouraging further
22research and development of agricultural issues, ensuring that
23the United States continues to produce a safe and abundant food
24supply for future generations; therefore be it

25RESOLVED, That the House of Representatives recognize the
26100th anniversary of the national Cooperative Extension System
27in this Commonwealth.