1Commemorating December 7, 2013, as "Pearl Harbor Remembrance

3WHEREAS, December 7, 2013, marks the 72nd anniversary of the
4Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, an event which precipitated the
5United States' entry into World War II; and

6WHEREAS, More than 2,400 military and civilian lives were
7lost during the 110-minute attack which began at 7:55 a.m. on
8December 7, 1941; and

9WHEREAS, During the attack, 19 ships of the United States
10Pacific Fleet were sunk or damaged and 188 United States

1aircraft were destroyed; and

2WHEREAS, The people of this Commonwealth and the United
3States recognize the bravery of those who lost their lives or
4suffered injuries on that day of infamy; and

5WHEREAS, It is appropriate to honor this anniversary by
6calling upon the people of this Commonwealth, the public schools
7and other educational institutions and patriotic and veterans
8organizations to commemorate Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day;
9therefore be it

10RESOLVED, That the House of Representatives commemorate
11December 7, 2013, as "Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day"; and be it

13RESOLVED, That the House of Representatives encourage local
14governments and communities throughout this Commonwealth to
15conduct appropriate "Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day" observances
16to ensure that the many sacrifices of that day are not