1Designating Saturday, May 4, 2013, as "National History Day in

3WHEREAS, "National History Day in Pennsylvania" is the
4Commonwealth's component of a national, year-long, classroom-
5based program that engages students in hands-on historical
6research and exploration; and

7WHEREAS, Approximately 6,000 students participate on an
8annual basis with the support of their school peers, teachers
9and parents; and

10WHEREAS, After competing successfully at the local and
11regional contests, more than 1,100 students, teachers, parents
12and family members will gather on this date for the 2013
13National History Day in Pennsylvania State contest; and

14WHEREAS, The winners of the State contest will comprise the
15Pennsylvania delegation to the national contest at the
16University of Maryland, College Park, Maryland, from June 9
17through June 13, 2013; and

18WHEREAS, Approximately 120 community volunteers donate their

1time as judges and staff for the State contest and there are
2more than 650 volunteers for the regional contests on an annual
3basis; and

4WHEREAS, The Army Heritage Center Foundation, which is
5recognized as an Educational Improvement Organization by the
6Department of Education, provides Statewide oversight and
7management of the Commonwealth's program and contest; and

8WHEREAS, National History Day in Pennsylvania is recognized
9as an innovative educational program by the Department of
10Education; and

11WHEREAS, National History Day in Pennsylvania is represented
12throughout this Commonwealth by 11 regional affiliates that
13coordinate activities in 57 counties across this Commonwealth;

15WHEREAS, The regional affiliates are Edinboro University of
16Pennsylvania, The Pennsylvania State University, Wilkes-Barre
17campus and Hazleton campus, Westminster College, Indiana
18University of Pennsylvania, the Heinz History Center, Messiah
19College, the Chester County Historical Society, the Bucks County
20Historical Society, the East Petersburg Lions Club and the
21National Archives Mid-Atlantic Region; and

22WHEREAS, The National History Day program is a 2011 recipient
23of the National Medal for the Humanities and is endorsed by the
24American Association for State and Local History, the American
25Historical Association, the Federation of State Humanities
26Councils, the National Association of Secondary School
27Principals, the National Center for History in the Schools, the
28National Council for History Education, the National Council for
29the Social Studies, the Organization of American Historians and
30the Society of American Archivists; and

1WHEREAS, A 2010 study by Rockman, et al, shows that National
2History Day students outperform their peers on standardized
3achievement tests, are better writers, develop critical thinking
4skills and learn 21st century skills; and

5WHEREAS, Students who participate in National History Day in
6Pennsylvania are better prepared for college and careers;
7therefore be it

8RESOLVED, That the House of Representatives designate
9Saturday, May 4, 2013, as "National History Day in Pennsylvania"
10and encourage students, teachers and other citizens of this
11Commonwealth to participate in the National History Day in
12Pennsylvania program.