1Recognizing the week of April 22 through 26, 2013, as "National
2Public School Volunteer Week" in Pennsylvania.

3WHEREAS, "National Public School Volunteer Week" offers the
4opportunity to recognize and to thank public school volunteers
5who contribute unselfishly to the success of Pennsylvania's
6students, teaching and support staff and the goals of public
7education; and

8WHEREAS, Parental and community involvement is a significant
9factor in the quality of our schools and the success of our
10students; and

11WHEREAS, We appreciate the dedicated volunteers who give
12their time and talent to assist professional educators and
13support staff; and

14WHEREAS, Volunteers reflect the highest values of our society

1and become role models for students by demonstrating an interest
2in education; and

3WHEREAS, Volunteers are called upon to assist teachers and
4staff with the day-to-day activities involved in providing a
5balanced education for our students and are an important part of
6a team that strives to ensure that each and every one of our
7students succeeds; and

8WHEREAS, It is fitting to support the goals of this
9observance, as when parents, schools and communities work
10together in preparing today's students for tomorrow's world;
11therefore be it

12RESOLVED, That the House of Representatives recognize the
13week of April 22 through 26, 2013, as "National Public School
14Volunteer Week" in Pennsylvania.