1Amending Title 25 (Elections) of the Pennsylvania Consolidated
2Statutes, in voter registration, further providing for 
3methods of voter registration, for time and for preparation 
4and distribution of applications; providing for same day 
5voter registration and early in-person voting of qualified 
6electors; and making editorial changes.

7The General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
8hereby enacts as follows:

9Section 1. The heading of Chapter 13 of Title 25 of the
10Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes is amended to read:



13Section 2. Sections 1321, 1326(b) and 1327(c) of Title 25
14are amended by adding paragraphs to read:

15§ 1321. Methods of voter registration.

16An individual qualified to register to vote under section
171301(a) (relating to qualifications to register) may apply to
18register as follows:

1* * *

2(5) Under Subchapter C (relating to same day voter
3registration and early in-person voting of qualified

5§ 1326. Time.

6* * *

7(b) Deadlines.--In the administration of voter registration,
8each commission shall ensure that any applicant who is a
9qualified elector is registered to vote in an election when the
10applicant has met any of the following conditions:

11* * *

12(3.1) In the case of an early voter registration under
13Subchapter C (relating to same day voter registration and
14early in-person voting of qualified electors), if the valid
15voter registration application of the applicant is accepted
16in the appropriate election district by the commission.

17* * *

18§ 1327. Preparation and distribution of applications.

19* * *

20(c) Distribution.--

21* * *

22(7) The secretary shall print and distribute early
23voting registration applications issued under Subchapter C
24(relating to same day voter registration and early in-person
25voting of qualified electors) to all commission offices. The
26secretary shall include instructions with the applications to
27inform the applicant of the early voter registration and in-
28person voting application process, the process for counting
29the applicant's vote and verifying the applicant's

1* * *

2Section 3. Title 25 is amended by adding a subchapter to




81341. Same day voter registration and early in-person voting.

91342. Proof of residency.

101343. Administration.

111344. Approval or denial of provisional ballots.

12§ 1341. Same day voter registration and early in-person voting.

13Notwithstanding any other provision of law, a qualified
14elector may register and vote no later than ten days before
15election day by:

16(1) appearing in person before the commission or a
17registrar or clerk at the office of the commission or at a
18place designated by the commission and located where the
19qualified elector maintains residence;

20(2) completing and submitting a registration application
21to the commission or a registrar or clerk at the office of
22the commission; and

23(3) providing proof of residency in accordance with
24section 1342 (relating to proof of residency).

25§ 1342. Proof of residency.

26In order to satisfy the proof of residency requirement under
27section 1341(3) (relating to same day voter registration and
28early in-person voting), a qualified elector must provide any of
29the following to the commission or a registrar or clerk at the
30office of the commission:

1(1) A valid driver's license or identification card
2issued by the Department of Transportation or another agency
3of the Commonwealth indicating that the qualified elector
4resides in the election district.

5(2) A utility bill indicating that the qualified elector
6resides in the election district.

7(3) A rent receipt indicating that the qualified elector
8resides in the election district.

9§ 1343. Administration.

10Upon certifying the eligibility of the qualified elector, the
11commission shall provide the qualified elector with a
12provisional ballot, provided by the county board of elections,
13which is to be completed by the qualified elector and sealed in
14an envelope along with the voter registration application.

15§ 1344. Approval or denial of provisional ballots.

16(a) General rule.--No later than ten days after election
17day, the Department of State shall approve or deny the qualified
18elector's voter registration application in accordance with
19section 1328 (relating to approval of registration

21(b) Vote count.--The provisional ballot shall not be counted
22until the Department of State has approved the voter
23registration application under subsection (a).

24(c) Notice.--The qualified elector shall be notified in
25writing by the Department of State as to the approval or denial
26of a voter registration application.

27Section 4. This act shall take effect immediately.