1Amending Title 75 (Vehicles) of the Pennsylvania Consolidated
2Statutes, in general provisions, further providing for 
3definitions; <-in licensing of drivers, further providing for 
4examination of applicant for driver's license; and in
5commercial drivers, further providing for requirement for
6commercial driver's license.

7The General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
8hereby enacts as follows:

9Section 1. Section 102 of Title 75 of the Pennsylvania 
10Consolidated Statutes is amended by adding definitions to read:

11§ 102. Definitions.

12Subject to additional definitions contained in subsequent
13provisions of this title which are applicable to specific
14provisions of this title, the following words and phrases when
15used in this title shall have, unless the context clearly
16indicates otherwise, the meanings given to them in this section:

17* * *

1"Air-mile." A nautical mile, which is equivalent to 6,076
2feet. For purposes of this title, 150 air-miles are equivalent
3to 172.6 miles.

4* * *

5"Covered farm vehicle." A motor vehicle with a State-issued
6designation as a farm vehicle, including a motor vehicle
7operated in combination, which is:

8(1) operated by a farmer or by a family member or
9employee of the farmer;

10(2) used to transport agricultural commodities,
11livestock, farm machinery or farm supplies to or from a farm;

12(3) not used in for-hire motor carrier operations; and

13(4) not transporting hazardous materials that require a

15* * *

16"For-hire motor carrier operations." The transportation of
17goods or passengers for compensation.

18* * *

<-19Section 2. Section 1508 of Title 75 is amended by adding
20subsections to read:

21§ 1508. Examination of applicant for driver's license.

22* * *

23(e) Third-party testing.--The department may authorize a
24third party to administer the portion of the examination that
25demonstrates the applicant's ability to exercise ordinary and
26reasonable control in the operation of a motor vehicle of the
27type or class of vehicles for which the applicant desires a
28license to drive. Third-party providers shall only administer
29exams required in this section if:

30(1) The test is the same test as that which would

1otherwise be administered by the department.

2(2) The third party has entered into an agreement with
3the department, and the agreement has not been terminated by
4the department.

5(f) Layoffs.--No layoffs shall occur in the classifications
6known as Driver License Examiner, Driver License Examiner
7Assistant and Driver License Center Supervisor as a result of
8third-party testing under subsection (e).

9Section <-2 3. Section 1606(b)(5) of Title 75 is amended and
10the subsection is amended by adding a paragraph to read:

11§ 1606. Requirement for commercial driver's license.

12* * *

13(b) Exemptions.--The following persons are not required to
14obtain a commercial driver's license in order to drive the
15commercial motor vehicle specified:

16* * *

17(5) A licensed driver [with a Class C license] operating
18a Pennsylvania covered farm vehicle [which is controlled and
19operated by a farmer and used exclusively to transport
20agricultural products, farm machinery or farm supplies to or
21from a farm. The farm vehicle may not be used in the
22operations of a common or contract carrier and may be used
23only within a radius of 150 miles of the farm.] anywhere 
24within this Commonwealth.

25(5.1) A licensed driver operating a covered farm vehicle
26from another state when operated within 150 air-miles of the
27out-of-State farm.

28* * *

29Section <-3 4. This act shall take effect in 60 days.