1Amending the act of April 12, 1951 (P.L.90, No.21), entitled, as
2reenacted, "An act relating to alcoholic liquors, alcohol and
3malt and brewed beverages; amending, revising, consolidating
4and changing the laws relating thereto; regulating and
5restricting the manufacture, purchase, sale, possession,
6consumption, importation, transportation, furnishing, holding
7in bond, holding in storage, traffic in and use of alcoholic
8liquors, alcohol and malt and brewed beverages and the
9persons engaged or employed therein; defining the powers and
10duties of the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board; providing
11for the establishment and operation of State liquor stores,
12for the payment of certain license fees to the respective
13municipalities and townships, for the abatement of certain
14nuisances and, in certain cases, for search and seizure
15without warrant; prescribing penalties and forfeitures;
16providing for local option, and repealing existing laws,"
17further providing for sales by liquor licensees, restrictions
18and for unlawful acts relative to liquor, malt and brewed
19beverages and licensees.

20The General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
21hereby enacts as follows:

22Section 1. Sections 406(f)(13) and 493(33) of the act of
23April 12, 1951 (P.L.90, No.21), known as the Liquor Code,
24reenacted and amended June 29, 1987 (P.L.32, No.14) and amended
25July 5, 2012 (P.L.1007, No.116), are amended to read:

26Section 406. Sales by Liquor Licensees; Restrictions.--* * *

1(f) The holder of a hotel or restaurant liquor license may 
2obtain an off-premises catering permit subject to section 
3493(33) to hold a catered function off the licensed premises and 
4on otherwise unlicensed premises where the licensee may sell 
5wine, liquor and malt or brewed beverages by the glass, open 
6bottle or other container, and in any mixture together with 
7food, for consumption on those premises. Functions conducted 
8under the authority of the permit shall be subject to the 

10* * *

11(13) no catered function may be held for more than five
12hours per day and must end by midnight unless the catered 
13function occurs on December 31 of any calender year on which 
14date the catered function must end by two o'clock antemeridian;

15* * *

16Section 493. Unlawful Acts Relative to Liquor, Malt and
17Brewed Beverages and Licensees.--The term "licensee," when used
18in this section, shall mean those persons licensed under the
19provisions of Article IV, unless the context clearly indicates

21It shall be unlawful--

22* * *

23(33) Off-premises Catering Permit; Fees. For any licensee, 
24his servants, agents or employes to sell alcohol at a location 
25other than its licensed premises, unless the sale is 
26specifically authorized under this act, or unless the licensee 
27receives a special permit from the board to do so. Only those 
28licensees holding a current and valid restaurant, hotel, brew 
29pub or eating place license shall be allowed to apply for such a 
30permit. Any licensee that wishes to obtain an off-premises

1catering permit must notify the board and pay the permitting fee 
2by March of each calendar year regardless of whether the 
3licensee has scheduled catered events. Any licensee that fails 
4to notify the board and pay the permit fee by March 1 [shall] 
5may be precluded from obtaining the permit for that calendar 
6year. The board shall have the discretion to allow the issuance 
7of the permit after the March deadline so long as the applicant 
8is a licensee in good standing with the board and complies with 
9all other requirements for the off-premises catering permit. A 
10licensee applying for the permit after the March deadline shall 
11pay the board a late fee of five hundred dollars ($500) in 
12addition to the permit fee allowed by this act. If a licensee 
13notifies the board and pays the permitting fee by March 1 and 
14does not then use the permit throughout the calendar year, the 
15licensee shall not be entitled to a return of the permitting 
16fee. Any licensee not granted a license until after March 1 of 
17the calendar year shall have sixty days from the date of the 
18license transfer to notify the board of the licensee's intention 
19to use an off-premises catering permit and pay the permitting 
20fee. All servers at the off-premises catered function shall be 
21certified under the board's responsible alcohol management 
22program as required under section 471.1. The board may charge a 
23fee of five hundred dollars ($500) each calendar year, to each 
24applicant for the initial permit associated with a particular 
25license, but no further fee shall be charged for any subsequent 
26permits issued to the applicant for the license during the same 
27calendar year. The applicant shall submit written notice to the 
28board [thirty] fourteen days prior to each catered event, unless 
29this time frame has been waived by the board, and the board may 
30approve or disapprove each event if the applicant fails to

1provide timely notice of the catered function, does not intend 
2to conduct a function that meets the requirements of this act or 
3has previously conducted a function that did not meet the 
4requirements of this act. The fees shall be paid into the State 
5Stores Fund. Any violation of this act or the board's 
6regulations for governing activity occurring under the authority 
7of this permit may be the basis for the issuance of a citation 
8under section 471, the nonrenewal of the license under section 
9470 or the refusal by the board to issue subsequent permits or 
10honor subsequent dates on the existing permit. This penalty 
11shall be in addition to any other remedies available to the 
12enforcement bureau or the board.

13* * *

14Section 2. This act shall take effect in 60 days.