1Amending the act of March 10, 1949 (P.L.30, No.14), entitled "An
2act relating to the public school system, including certain
3provisions applicable as well to private and parochial
4schools; amending, revising, consolidating and changing the
5laws relating thereto," in duties and powers of boards of
6school directors, providing for notice prior to approval of
7collective bargaining agreement.

8The General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
9hereby enacts as follows:

10Section 1. The act of March 10, 1949 (P.L.30, No.14), known
11as the Public School Code of 1949, is amended by adding a
12section to read:

13Section 1153-A. Notice Prior to Approval of Collective
14Bargaining Agreement.--(a) A board of school directors of any
15school district shall provide notice prior to voting upon any
16proposed collective bargaining agreement <-or upon any proposed 
17employment contract for a professional educator who is not a 
18member of an employe organization. The notice required under

1this section shall:

2(1) Be posted on the school district's publicly accessible
3Internet website beginning at least forty-eight (48) hours prior
4to the public meeting of the board of school directors at which
5the board of school directors votes upon the proposed collective
6bargaining agreement <-or employment contract and continuing at
7least until thirty (30) days following the conclusion of such
8public meeting.

9(2) Be published at least one (1) time in a newspaper of
10general circulation in the school district at least forty-eight
11(48) hours prior to the public meeting of the board of school
12directors at which the board of school directors votes upon the
13proposed collective bargaining agreement <-or employment contract.

14(3) Include the following:

15(i) a statement of the terms of the proposed collective
16bargaining agreement <-or employment contract; and

17(ii) an estimate of the costs to the school district
18associated with the proposed collective bargaining agreement <-or 
19employment contract.

20(b) The notice requirements of this section shall not apply
21to section 1125-A(k).

22(c) The Department of Education shall promulgate regulations
23pursuant to the act of June 25, 1982 (P.L.633, No.181), known as 
24the "Regulatory Review Act," to set forth the form of the notice 
25required under subsection (a).

26Section 2. This act shall take effect in 60 days.