1Amending the act of December 17, 1968 (P.L.1224, No.387),
2entitled "An act prohibiting unfair methods of competition
3and unfair or deceptive acts or practices in the conduct of
4any trade or commerce, giving the Attorney General and
5District Attorneys certain powers and duties and providing
6penalties," further providing for definitions.

7The General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
8hereby enacts as follows:

9The General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
10hereby enacts as follows:

11Section 1. Section 2(4) of the act of December 17, 1968 
12(P.L.1224, No.387), known as the Unfair Trade Practices and 
13Consumer Protection Law, reenacted and amended November 24, 1976 
14(P.L.1166, No.260), is amended by adding subclauses to read:

15Section 2. Definitions.--As used in this act.

16* * *

17(4) "Unfair methods of competition" and "unfair or deceptive
18acts or practices" mean any one or more of the following:

19* * *

1(ix.1) Advertising goods or services using a promotional
2price that does not:

3(A) Include the total costs associated with the goods or
4services, including applicable taxes, fees or other related
5charges in the same style, type font and size as the promotional

7(B) Specify the regular price of the goods or services.

8* * *

9(xx.1) Render any billing to a customer that includes fees,
10penalties or other charges that have not been disclosed to the
11customer prior to the billing in accordance with all of the

13(1) In writing, in at least a fourteen-point bold face type

15(2) Detailing the nature of the fee, penalty or charge and
16whether the fee, penalty or charge is mandated by a governmental
17or regulatory body.

18(3) Be provided at least sixty days prior to billing the

20(xx.2) Offer contracted services that do not specify the
21total costs associated with the contracted services, including
22taxes, fees, surcharges or equipment charges. The requirements
23under this subclause shall be enumerated on the first page of a
24written contract and shall be in at least a fourteen-point bold
25face type font.

26* * *

27Section 2. This act shall take effect in 60 days.