1Designating the bridge that carries State Route 973 over
2Loyalsock Creek in Upper Fairfield Township and Eldred
3Township, Lycoming County, as the George E. Logue, Sr.
4Memorial Bridge.

5The General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
6hereby enacts as follows:

7Section 1.  George E. Logue, Sr. Memorial Bridge.

8(a)  Findings and declarations.--The General Assembly finds
9and declares:

10(1)  George E. Logue, Sr., was born on January 30, 1927,
11in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, and passed away at 85 years of
12age on October 30, 2012, in Trout Run, Pennsylvania.

13(2)  Mr. Logue is survived by his wife, Elizabeth (Stark)
14Logue, along with his 10 children and 36 grandchildren.

15(3)  Mr. Logue received a bachelor's degree in
16agricultural engineering from The Pennsylvania State
17University in 1951.

1(4)  Mr. Logue served in the United States Army Air Corps
2from 1944-1945.

3(5)  Mr. Logue began his career at International
4Harvester in Huntsville, Missouri, as head of Research and
5Development but found that he preferred the challenge of
6inventing and construction. Thus, he launched his own
7construction contracting business, George E. Logue, Inc., in
81957. The company specialized in fabricated specialized parts
9and the development of new designs.

10(6)  As a result of Mr. Logue's ingenuity, he holds five
11United States patents for heavy construction equipment and
12dump truck bodies.

13(7) In 1984, Mr. Logue sold the remaining construction
14portion of his business and renamed the manufacturing
15division as Logue Industries.

16(8) Mr. Logue was a known engineering innovator and was
17contracted by the U.S. Navy to develop a remotely controlled
18surface and subsurface clearance vehicle.

19(9) Mr. Logue was also known for his efforts to
20memorialize the crew of the World War II submarine, the USS
21Wahoo, which was lost in 1943 in the Sea of Japan. Mr.
22Logue's brother, Robert, was a crew member of the submarine.
23Mr. Logue donated land for a monument in Williamsport,
24Pennsylvania, and traveled to Japan to dedicate a peace
25memorial for the lost submarine.

26(10) Mr. Logue was a member of St. Ann's Catholic Church
27as well as many community and professional organizations,
28including the Susquehanna Contractors Association, the
29American Society of Highway Engineers, the Montoursville
30Rotary Club and the Antique Caterpillar Machinery Owners


2(11) In 2010, Mr. Logue had the distinguished honor of
3receiving The Pennsylvania State University's Outstanding
4Alumni Award for his many years of achievement.

5(b)  Designation.--The bridge that carries State Route 973
6over Loyalsock Creek in Upper Fairfield Township and Eldred
7Township, Lycoming County, is designated as the George E. Logue,
8Sr. Memorial Bridge.

9(c)  Signs.--The Department of Transportation shall erect and
10maintain appropriate signs displaying the name of the bridge to
11traffic in both directions of the highway.

12Section 2.  Effective date.

13This act shall take effect immediately.