1Amending the act of April 9, 1929 (P.L.343, No.176), entitled,
2as amended, "An act relating to the finances of the State
3government; providing for the settlement, assessment,
4collection, and lien of taxes, bonus, and all other accounts
5due the Commonwealth, the collection and recovery of fees and
6other money or property due or belonging to the Commonwealth,
7or any agency thereof, including escheated property and the
8proceeds of its sale, the custody and disbursement or other
9disposition of funds and securities belonging to or in the
10possession of the Commonwealth, and the settlement of claims
11against the Commonwealth, the resettlement of accounts and
12appeals to the courts, refunds of moneys erroneously paid to
13the Commonwealth, auditing the accounts of the Commonwealth
14and all agencies thereof, of all public officers collecting
15moneys payable to the Commonwealth, or any agency thereof,
16and all receipts of appropriations from the Commonwealth,
17authorizing the Commonwealth to issue tax anticipation notes
18to defray current expenses, implementing the provisions of
19section 7(a) of Article VIII of the Constitution of
20Pennsylvania authorizing and restricting the incurring of
21certain debt and imposing penalties; affecting every
22department, board, commission, and officer of the State
23government, every political subdivision of the State, and
24certain officers of such subdivisions, every person,
25association, and corporation required to pay, assess, or
26collect taxes, or to make returns or reports under the laws
27imposing taxes for State purposes, or to pay license fees or
28other moneys to the Commonwealth, or any agency thereof,
29every State depository and every debtor or creditor of the
30Commonwealth," in permit extensions, further providing for
31existing approval.

32The General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

1hereby enacts as follows:

2Section 1. Section 1603-I(a) and (b) of the act of April 9,
31929 (P.L.343, No.176), known as The Fiscal Code, added July 6,
42010 (P.L.279, No.46), are amended and the section is amended by
5adding a subsection to read:

6Section 1603-I. Existing approval.

7(a) Automatic suspension.--[The expiration date of an 
8approval by a government agency that is granted for or in effect 
9during the extension period, whether obtained before or after 
10the beginning of the extension period, shall be automatically 
11suspended during the extension period.] For any approval by a 
12government agency that is granted for or in effect between the 
13beginning of the extension period and July 2, 2013, whether 
14obtained before or after the beginning of the extension period, 
15the running of the period of the approval shall be automatically 
16suspended until July 2, 2016.

17* * *

18(a.2) Limitation.--Any government approval granted after
19July 2, 2013, shall not be extended beyond the normal approval
20periods of the government agency without the permission or
21approval of the government agency.

22(b) Duration.--[Nothing in this section shall shorten the
23term or duration an approval relating to development would have
24had in the absence of the enactment of this section.] The 
25extension period established by this act shall be the maximum 
26approval period authorized by this article and shall supersede 
27the normal time period for approvals relating to development. 
28Nothing in this section shall prohibit the [granting of]
29government agency from granting additional extensions as
30provided by law.

1* * *

2Section 2. This act shall take effect immediately.