1Designating the Harley-Davidson motorcycle as the official State
2motorcycle of Pennsylvania.

3The General Assembly finds and declares as follows:

4WHEREAS, In 1903, the first production Harley-Davidson
5motorcycle was made available to the public; and

6WHEREAS, Founded by William S. Harley, Arthur Davidson,
7Walter Davidson and William A. Davidson, the first Harley-
8Davidson factory was erected in 1906 on Chestnut Street in
9Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where it remains today as Harley-
10Davidson's corporate headquarters; and

11WHEREAS, The initial Harley-Davidson motorcycle was designed
12for use in a regular pedal bicycle frame and, when first put to
13use, was deemed incapable of conquering the modest hills of
14Milwaukee; and

15WHEREAS, The prototype became functional in 1904 and placed
16fourth in competition in a motorcycle race held at the Milwaukee

1State Fair Park; and

2WHEREAS, The first issue of "The Enthusiast," a Harley-
3Davidson publication, was first printed in 1916 and would go on
4to become the longest continuously published motorcycle magazine
5in the world; and

6WHEREAS, In 1917, approximately one-third of all Harley-
7Davidson motorcycles produced were sold to the United States 
8Armed Forces; and

9WHEREAS, The Quartermasters School, a department of Harley-
10Davidson devoted to training military mechanics on Harley-
11Davidson motorcycles, opened for business in July 1917 and would
12later become the Service School; and

13WHEREAS, In 1918, nearly half of all Harley-Davidson 
14motorcycles produced were sold for use by the United States 
15military during World War I and were in high demand for combat 
16service in the war effort, and is estimated that the United 
17States Army utilized approximately 20,000 Harley-Davidson 
18motorcycles during World War I; and

19WHEREAS, The Harley Owners Group (HOG) was founded in 1920 to
20promote camaraderie and loyalty among Harley-Davidson
21enthusiasts and, that same year, Harley-Davidson became the
22largest motorcycle manufacturer in the world; and

23WHEREAS, In 1921, the Harley-Davidson motorcycle was the
24first motorcycle ever to win a race at an average speed of more
25than 100 miles per hour; and

26WHEREAS, The largest Harley-Davidson manufacturing facility,
27which opened in 1973, is located in York in the Township of
28Springettsbury and performs a myriad of manufacturing operations
29from machining, polishing and chrome plating to forming, welding
30and painting; and

1WHEREAS, The $31 million state-of-the-art paint facility
2opened its doors at the York plant in 1992; and

3WHEREAS, The two facilities together employ approximately
42,650 people; and

5WHEREAS, Over the years, thousands of Harley-Davidson
6enthusiasts have trekked to York to witness firsthand the living
7legacy of Harley-Davidson USA; and

8WHEREAS, William S. Harley, Arthur Davidson, Walter Davidson
9and William A. Davidson were inducted into the Labor Hall of
10Fame because of their dedicated employees who produced quality
11motorcycles, and Harley-Davidson continues to sustain a loyal
12brand community which remains active through clubs, events and
13its museum; and

14WHEREAS, The Harley-Davidson motorcycle is a true-blue
15American iron horse manufactured in Pennsylvania by American
16workers using American steel.

17The General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
18hereby enacts as follows:

19Section 1. Official State motorcycle.

20The Harley-Davidson motorcycle is selected, designated and
21adopted as the official State motorcycle of Pennsylvania.

22Section 2. Effective date.

23This act shall take effect in 60 days.