1Amending the act of December 5, 1936 (2nd Sp.Sess., 1937
2P.L.2897, No.1), entitled "An act establishing a system of
3unemployment compensation to be administered by the
4Department of Labor and Industry and its existing and newly
5created agencies with personnel (with certain exceptions)
6selected on a civil service basis; requiring employers to
7keep records and make reports, and certain employers to pay
8contributions based on payrolls to provide moneys for the
9payment of compensation to certain unemployed persons;
10providing procedure and administrative details for the
11determination, payment and collection of such contributions
12and the payment of such compensation; providing for
13cooperation with the Federal Government and its agencies;
14creating certain special funds in the custody of the State
15Treasurer; and prescribing penalties," further providing for
16ineligibility for compensation.

17The General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
18hereby enacts as follows:

19Section 1. Section 402 of the act of December 5, 1936 (2nd 
20Sp.Sess., 1937 P.L.2897, No.1), known as the Unemployment 
21Compensation Law, is amended by adding a subsection to read:

22Section 402. Ineligibility for Compensation.--An employe
23shall be ineligible for compensation for any week--

24* * *

1(k) In which the individual was a temporary employe of a
2temporary help firm and failed to notify the temporary
3employment firm of the completion of an employment assignment
4within three (3) working days of the completion of each
5employment assignment under a contract of hire, unless the
6individual was not advised in writing of the duty to notify the
7temporary employment firm upon completion of an employment
8assignment or the individual had good cause for not contacting
9the temporary employment firm within three working days and
10notified the firm at the first reasonable opportunity
11thereafter. To demonstrate that the employe was advised in
12writing of the notification requirement under this subsection,
13the temporary employment firm shall advise the temporary employe
14by requiring the temporary employe, at the time of employment
15with the temporary employment firm, to read and sign a document
16that provides a clear and concise explanation of the
17notification requirement and the consequences of a failure to
18notify. The document shall be separate from a contract of
19employment and a copy of the signed document shall be provided
20to the temporary employe. For purposes of this subsection, the
21term "temporary employe" means an individual who is employed by
22a temporary employment firm to provide services to clients to
23supplement their work force during absences, seasonal workloads,
24temporary skill or labor market shortages, and for special
25assignments and projects; and the term "temporary employment
26firm" means a person engaged in the business of employing
27temporary employes.

28Section 2. This act shall be applicable to initial claims
29filed on or after January 1, 2014.

30Section 3. This act shall take effect immediately.