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                                                      PRINTER'S NO. 1028



No. 879 Session of 2007

           MAY 18, 2007


                                     AN ACT

     1  Amending Title 34 (Game) of the Pennsylvania Consolidated
     2     Statutes, providing for vouchers for licenses.

     3     The General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
     4  hereby enacts as follows:
     5     Section 1.  Sections 501 and 502(b) of Title 34 of the
     6  Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes are amended to read:
     7  § 501.  Refund of moneys paid erroneously or unjustly.
     8     (a)  Refund.--Whenever the director is satisfied that any
     9  fee, fine or any other moneys paid into the Game Fund under any
    10  of the provisions of this title or any other statute were
    11  erroneously or unjustly collected and deposited, the director,
    12  upon receipt of a petition for a refund within two years after
    13  the deposit, may authorize a requisition in favor of the person
    14  from whom the money was erroneously or unjustly collected for
    15  the amount involved. Upon receipt of the requisition, the proper
    16  official shall draw a warrant in favor of the person from whom
    17  the fee, fine or other money was erroneously or unjustly

     1  collected.
     2     (b)  Refund of gift voucher.--A person wishing to obtain a
     3  refund for a gift voucher shall submit a request on a form
     4  designed by the commission and made available to issuing agents
     5  within one year of the date of the issuance of the gift voucher.
     6  A refund shall be issued by the commission within 90 days of
     7  request for refund in the amount of the license indicated on the
     8  gift voucher excepting the amount of the issuing agent fee.
     9  § 502.  Collection fee for uncollectible checks.
    10     * * *
    11     (b)  Voidness for uncollectibility.--Any license, permit,
    12  gift voucher or privilege granted by the uncollectible check or
    13  other instrument shall be void until all fees are paid by a
    14  negotiable check or instrument.
    15     Section 2.  Title 34 is amended by adding a section to read:
    16  § 2712.  Vouchers for licenses.
    17     (a)  Gift vouchers.--The commission shall make available
    18  through its issuing agents gift vouchers which may be purchased
    19  on behalf of a third party. The gift voucher shall be designed
    20  on a form designed by the commission and made available to all
    21  issuing agents. The form shall contain the following
    22  information:
    23         (1)  A serial number.
    24         (2)  The name of the purchaser.
    25         (3)  The name of the party for whom the gift voucher is
    26     purchased.
    27         (4)  The name and address of the issuing agent.
    28         (5)  The class of license for which the gift voucher may
    29     be redeemed.
    30         (6)  The date of issuance.
    20070S0879B1028                  - 2 -     

     1         (7)  The total amount paid which shall include the
     2     issuing agent fee authorized by section 2709(c) (relating to
     3     license costs and fees).
     4     (b)  Redemption.--The gift voucher may only be redeemed for
     5  the class of license indicated on the gift voucher and for which
     6  the applicable fee has been paid by the gift voucher purchaser.
     7  Gift vouchers shall only be redeemable for a period of one year
     8  from the date of issuance and shall be issued only for the
     9  following classes of licenses:
    10         Adult resident hunting licenses under section 2705(1)
    11     (relating to classes of licenses).
    12         Junior resident hunting licenses under section 2705(2).
    13         Senior resident hunting licenses under section 2705(3).
    14         Senior lifetime resident combination licenses under
    15     section 2705(7).
    16         Junior resident combination licenses under section
    17     2705(7.1).
    18         Adult nonresident hunting licenses under section 2705(8).
    19         Junior nonresident hunting licenses under section
    20     2705(9).
    21         Junior nonresident combination licenses under section
    22     2705(11.1).
    23     (c)  Fee for voucher.--A person purchasing a gift voucher
    24  must pay the fee for the class of license as provided in section
    25  2709(a) and the issuing agent fee as provided in section 2709(c)
    26  unless otherwise exempted from such fee by this title.
    27     (d)  Remittance of fees.--Moneys received for the purchase of
    28  gift vouchers shall be remitted to the commission by the issuing
    29  agent as provided in section 2725 (relating to remitting funds
    30  to commission). Money remitted to the commission for the
    20070S0879B1028                  - 3 -     

     1  purchase of gift vouchers shall be used as provided in section
     2  521(b) (relating to establishment and use of Game Fund) as is
     3  provided for the particular license purchased by the issuance of
     4  the gift voucher.
     5     (e)  Places of redemption.--A gift voucher may be redeemed at
     6  the place of business of an issuing agent in this Commonwealth.
     7  When redeeming a gift voucher, the bearer of a gift voucher must
     8  show one form of photo identification except in the case of a
     9  junior licensee. In such case, the junior licensee must be
    10  accompanied by a responsible adult and shall present the written
    11  request required to acquire a license pursuant to section 2705.
    12     (f)  Restrictions.--The bearer of a gift voucher is subject
    13  to all restrictions relating to the issuance, denial or
    14  revocation of a license provided in this title or any other
    15  title, law or regulation.
    16     Section 3.  Section 2724 of Title 34 is amended to read:
    17  § 2724.  Record of license sales.
    18     (a)  Daily record.--Each place where licenses are sold shall
    19  maintain a complete daily record of all license and gift voucher
    20  transactions, including applications received, in the manner and
    21  form prescribed by the director. The applications, licenses and
    22  records shall be made available, during normal business hours,
    23  for immediate inspection to any officer charged with the
    24  enforcement of this title or any representative of the Office of
    25  the Auditor General or Attorney General.
    26     (b)  Monthly report.--Within five days following the first
    27  day of each month, each issuing agent shall forward to the
    28  director, on forms supplied by the commission, a complete report
    29  of licenses and gift vouchers issued, in correct numerical
    30  sequence, together with all moneys collected from the sale of
    20070S0879B1028                  - 4 -     

     1  licenses and any other information required by the director.
     2     Section 4.  This act shall take effect in 60 days.

    L22L34JS/20070S0879B1028         - 5 -