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                                                        PRINTER'S NO. 57



No. 39 Session of 2007



                                     AN ACT

     1  Establishing the Office of Women's Health within the Department
     2     of Health; and providing for purposes of the Office of
     3     Women's Health, for powers and duties of the Department of
     4     Health and the Secretary of Health and for the appointment of
     5     the Women's Health Advisory Committee.

     6     The General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
     7  hereby enacts as follows:
     8  Section 1.  Short title.
     9     This act shall be known and may be cited as the Women's
    10  Health Act.
    11  Section 2.  Definitions.
    12     The following words and phrases when used in this act shall
    13  have the meanings given to them in this section unless the
    14  context clearly indicates otherwise:
    15     "Advisory committee."  The Women's Health Advisory Committee.
    16     "Department."  The Department of Health of the Commonwealth.
    17     "Office."  The Office of Women's Health.
    18     "Secretary."  The Secretary of Health of the Commonwealth.
    19  Section 3.  Establishment of office.

     1     The Office of Women's Health is hereby established within the
     2  Department of Health.
     3  Section 4.  Purpose of office.
     4     The office is established for the following purposes:
     5         (1)  To educate and advocate for women's health by
     6     requesting that the department, either on its own or in
     7     partnership with other entities, establish appropriate
     8     forums, programs or initiatives designed to educate the
     9     public regarding women's health, with an emphasis on
    10     preventive health and healthy lifestyles.
    11         (2)  To assist the secretary in identifying, coordinating
    12     and establishing priorities for programs, services and
    13     resources the Commonwealth should provide for women's health
    14     issues and concerns relating to the reproductive, menopausal
    15     and postmenopausal phases of a woman's life.
    16         (3)  To serve as a clearinghouse and resource for
    17     information regarding women's health data, strategies,
    18     services and programs that address women's health issues,
    19     including the following:
    20             (i)  Diseases that significantly impact women,
    21         including heart disease, cancer, AIDS and osteoporosis.
    22             (ii)  Menopause.
    23             (iii)  Mental health.
    24             (iv)  Pregnancy and reproductive health.
    25             (v)  Substance abuse.
    26             (vi)  Sexually transmitted diseases.
    27             (vii)  Sexual assault and domestic violence.
    28             (viii)  Teenage pregnancy.
    29         (4)  To collect, classify and analyze relevant research
    30     information and data conducted or compiled by:
    20070S0039B0057                  - 2 -     

     1             (i)  The department.
     2             (ii)  Other entities in collaboration with the
     3         department.
     4         (5)  To provide interested persons with information
     5     regarding research results, except as prohibited by law.
     6         (6)  To develop and recommend funding and program
     7     activities for educating the public on women's health
     8     initiatives, including the following:
     9             (i)  Health needs throughout women's lives.
    10             (ii)  Diseases that significantly affect women,
    11         including heart disease, cancer, acquired immune
    12         deficiency syndrome (AIDS) and osteoporosis.
    13             (iii)  Access to health care for women.
    14             (iv)  Poverty and women's health.
    15             (v)  The leading causes of morbidity and mortality
    16         for women.
    17             (vi)  Special health concerns of minority women.
    18         (7)  To make recommendations to the secretary regarding
    19     programs that address women's health issues for inclusion in
    20     the department's annual budget and strategic planning.
    21         (8)  To seek funding from private or governmental
    22     entities to carry out the purposes of this act.
    23         (9)  To prepare materials for publication and
    24     dissemination to the public on women's health.
    25         (10)  To conduct public educational forums in this
    26     Commonwealth to raise public awareness and to educate
    27     citizens about women's health programs, issues and services.
    28         (11)  To coordinate the activities and programs of the
    29     office with other entities that focus on women's health or
    30     women's issues, including the Pennsylvania Commission for
    20070S0039B0057                  - 3 -     

     1     Women.
     2         (12)  Provide an annual report to the Governor and the
     3     General Assembly regarding the successes of the programs of
     4     the office, priorities and services needed for women's health
     5     in this Commonwealth and areas for improvement.
     6  Section 5.  Advisory committee.
     7     The secretary shall appoint a Women's Health Advisory
     8  Committee. The advisory committee shall be comprised of
     9  individuals with experience in women's health care. This shall
    10  include representation from health professionals and providers,
    11  consumers, private nonprofit organizations and advocacy groups.
    12  Section 6.  Regulations.
    13     The department may promulgate regulations necessary to carry
    14  out the provisions of this act.
    15  Section 10.  Effective date.
    16     This act shall take effect in 60 days.

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