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                                                      PRINTER'S NO. 3747



No. 756 Session of 2008

        INTRODUCED BY MILNE, MAY 12, 2008

           MAY 12, 2008

                                  A RESOLUTION

     1  Urging parents to instill and monitor safe Internet practices by
     2     their children.

     3     WHEREAS, More and more children are using computers and the
     4  Internet today for schoolwork, social interaction and play; and
     5     WHEREAS, Unscrupulous predators, aware of Internet usage by
     6  children, are discovering and employing a myriad of ways to
     7  solicit interaction of all types with children; and
     8     WHEREAS, Such interaction may appear innocent at first, but
     9  there are numerous situations known to the Office of Attorney
    10  General that demonstrate the potential for these interactions to
    11  become quite dangerous; and
    12     WHEREAS, One in five children 10 to 17 years of age have been
    13  solicited online and, in 15% of those cases, the solicitor has
    14  attempted to meet the child in person; and
    15     WHEREAS, The first line of defending these children lies with
    16  their parents; and
    17     WHEREAS, Parents should learn the warning signs of dangerous

     1  Internet use, such as:
     2         (1)  a child spends large amounts of time online,
     3     especially at night;
     4         (2)  a child turns off the computer quickly when a parent
     5     enters the room;
     6         (3)  a child becomes upset when a parent asks to see what
     7     he or she is doing online;
     8         (4)  a child receives mail or gifts from people the
     9     parent does not know; and
    10         (5)  a child uses an online account belonging to someone
    11     else;
    12  and
    13     WHEREAS, Parents should be assertive in reviewing safe
    14  Internet practices that their children should use and in
    15  substituting other suitable activities for their children rather
    16  than unnecessary Internet use; therefore be it
    17     RESOLVED, That the House of Representatives urge parents to
    18  instill and monitor safe Internet practices by their children.

    E9L82JAM/20080H0756R3747         - 2 -