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                                                       PRINTER'S NO. 238



No. 230 Session of 2003

           FEBRUARY 7, 2003


                                     AN ACT

     1  Amending the act of June 27, 1996 (P.L.403, No.58), entitled "An
     2     act to enhance community and economic development in this
     3     Commonwealth by restructuring certain administrative
     4     functions and entities; changing the name of the Department
     5     of Commerce to the Department of Community and Economic
     6     Development; transferring functions of the Department of
     7     Community Affairs into the Department of Community and
     8     Economic Development and other agencies; providing for a
     9     Deputy Secretary for Community Affairs and Development in the
    10     Department of Community and Economic Development;
    11     establishing the Center for Local Government Services and the
    12     Local Government Advisory Committee; establishing the Small
    13     Business Advocacy Council; conferring powers and duties on
    14     the Legislative Reference Bureau; and making repeals,"
    15     providing for a Deputy Secretary for Local Government
    16     Services in the Department of Community and Economic
    17     Development.

    18     The General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
    19  hereby enacts as follows:
    20     Section 1.  Section 301(b) and (c) of the act of June 27,
    21  1996 (P.L.403, No.58), known as the Community and Economic
    22  Development Enhancement Act, are amended to read:
    23  Section 301.  To Department of Community and Economic
    24                 Development.

     1     * * *
     2     (b)  Functions to be consolidated.--The functions transferred
     3  to the department shall be consolidated within the department
     4  into a bureau, division, section or other organizational entity
     5  devoted to community and economic development and into the
     6  Center for Local Government Services under subsection (c). The
     7  Governor shall appoint a Deputy Secretary for Community Affairs
     8  and Development and a Deputy Secretary for Local Government
     9  Services. The [deputy secretary] Deputy Secretary for Community
    10  Affairs and Development shall have the powers and perform the
    11  functions and duties transferred to the department in subsection
    12  (a), except for those functions and duties of the Center for
    13  Local Government Services, as well as other such functions and
    14  duties authorized by the Governor. The Deputy Secretary for
    15  Local Government Services shall be responsible for the
    16  administration of the Center for Local Government Services as
    17  well as such other functions and duties authorized by the
    18  Governor, including the necessary staff complement and funding
    19  sources to adequately carry out the responsibilities of
    20  administering the Governor's Executive Order 99-1 as it relates
    21  to land use issues. Such staffing shall include those personnel
    22  presently assigned to land use functions in the department's
    23  regional offices.
    24     (c)  Center for Local Government Services established.--A
    25  Center for Local Government Services shall be established and
    26  maintained in the department to serve as the link between the
    27  Commonwealth and local governments. The center shall be a
    28  provider of services to local governments, shall serve as the
    29  point of contact for local governments on issues and problems of
    30  local concern, shall be responsible for coordinating State
    20030S0230B0238                  - 2 -     

     1  program resources in response to local issues and problems and
     2  shall establish a systematic process for addressing local issues
     3  and problems involving the resources of more than a single
     4  agency. In carrying out its responsibilities, the center shall
     5  use and have access to the information, services, functions and
     6  other resources transferred under subsection (a). The center
     7  shall, when authorized by the Governor, use and have access to
     8  any other information, services, functions and other resources
     9  in the possession of executive agencies under the Governor's
    10  jurisdiction deemed necessary to the fulfillment of its
    11  responsibilities. The center shall provide to local governments,
    12  at no cost, information on purchase contracts for materials,
    13  supplies and equipment entered into by the Department of General
    14  Services in which local governments may participate pursuant to
    15  the provisions of section 2403(h) of The Administrative Code of
    16  1929. The Deputy Secretary for [Community Affairs and
    17  Development shall be responsible for the administration of the
    18  center and] Local Government Services shall report in writing to
    19  the Governor and Lieutenant Governor on the activities of the
    20  center. The center shall have permanent staff both in its
    21  headquarters as well as in the regional offices of the Governor
    22  and shall additionally make a toll-free telephone number
    23  available to local governments to assist the center in
    24  accommodating requests for assistance. Funding for the center
    25  shall be provided by the department.
    26     * * *
    27     Section 2.  This act shall take effect in 60 days.

    A21L14BIL/20030S0230B0238        - 3 -