No. 632 Session of 1983

           APRIL 13, 1983


                                     AN ACT

     1  Amending the act of August 31, 1955 (P.L.531, No.131), entitled
     2     "An act permitting and regulating wrestling and boxing
     3     contests and exhibitions; requiring licenses and permits;
     4     conferring powers and imposing duties upon the State Athletic
     5     Commission; providing for the granting, suspension, and
     6     revocation of licenses and permits issued by the Commission;
     7     preserving the rights of existing licensees and permittees;
     8     prescribing penalties, fines, forfeitures and misdemeanors;
     9     requiring bonds and insurance; creating a Medical Advisory
    10     Board; providing for rules and regulations; and making
    11     appropriations," regulating kick boxing; further regulating
    12     amateur boxing; establishing a State boxing register;
    13     providing for medical training seminars; requiring certain
    14     emergency medical equipment to be at situs of certain events;
    15     further providing for suspension; and further defining
    16     referee's role in boxing contest.

    17     The General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
    18  hereby enacts as follows:
    19     Section 1.  Section 202 of the act of August 31, 1955
    20  (P.L.531, No.131), known as the Pennsylvania Athletic Code,
    21  amended June 18, 1976 (P.L.393, No.85), is amended to read:
    22     Section 202.  Boxing and Wrestling Regulated.--Amateur or
    23  professional boxing or wrestling contests or exhibitions
    24  including kick boxing shall be held within the Commonwealth of

     1  Pennsylvania only in accordance with the provisions of this act
     2  and the rules and regulations promulgated hereunder. Such
     3  contests or exhibitions may be held on Sundays.
     4     Section 2.  Section 204 of the act, amended May 24, 1956
     5  (1955 P.L.1693, No.574), is amended to read:
     6     Section 204.  Physician to be in Attendance.--A physician
     7  shall be assigned to every boxing or wrestling contest or
     8  exhibition by the Commission. He shall observe and continue to
     9  observe the physical condition of the participants and [advise
    10  the member of the Commission or deputy in charge and the referee
    11  in regard thereto.] be authorized to stop any contest or
    12  exhibition at any time to examine a contestant and to terminate
    13  a bout when in his judgment severe injury could result to a
    14  contestant if the contest or exhibition were to continue. The
    15  Commission shall establish by rule or regulation a schedule of
    16  fees to be paid such physicians for their services. The
    17  physician's fee shall be paid by the promoter of the contest or
    18  exhibition attended by the physician.
    19     Section 3.  The act is amended by adding sections to read:
    20     Section 204.1.  Medical Training Seminars.--The Commission
    21  shall conduct frequent mandatory medical training seminars, at
    22  least three (3) per year for all ring personnel, Commission
    23  personnel and for other persons employed by the Commission and
    24  designated to attend.
    25     Section 204.2.  Register.--The Commission shall establish and
    26  maintain a register for all professional boxers licensed in
    27  Pennsylvania. The register shall include a photograph of the
    28  boxer. In the register, the Commission shall record the results
    29  of each boxing contest or exhibition the boxer is involved in,
    30  including technical knockouts, knockouts and other boxing
    19830S0632B0701                  - 2 -

     1  related injuries, as well as the dates of each contest or
     2  exhibition and the record of wins and losses.
     3     Section 204.3.  Medical Equipment.--No professional or
     4  amateur boxing event shall be started unless there is on the
     5  premises:
     6     (1)  an ambulance, together with emergency equipment; and
     7     (2)  a portable resuscitator with oxygen and appropriate
     8  endotracheal tubes, and a qualified operator.
     9     Section 204.4.  Suspension.--For sound medical reasons and to
    10  protect the individual boxers, the Commission shall establish
    11  mandatory license suspensions of those persons who sustain
    12  certain injuries. The Commission may suspend a boxer's license
    13  for up to sixty (60) days for a laceration of the face, up to
    14  thirty (30) days for a technical knockout with minor injuries
    15  and up to forty-five (45) days for head injuries. Boxers
    16  receiving a knockout may receive up to a ninety (90) day
    17  suspension and shall receive an EEG within twenty-four (24)
    18  hours of the knockout.
    19     Section 4.  Sections 208, 210 and 250 of the act, amended or
    20  added May 24, 1956 (1955 P.L.1693, No.574) are amended to read:
    21     Section 208.  Gloves.--When the boxers are lightweights, as
    22  defined in the regulations, or in a lighter class, they shall
    23  wear boxing gloves weighing not less than five (5) ounces each.
    24  When the boxers are [in a heavier class than lightweights,] over
    25  one hundred sixty-five (165) pounds, they shall wear boxing
    26  gloves weighing not less than [six (6)] ten (10) ounces each.
    27     Section 210.  Attendance of Referee and Judges; Scoring.--At
    28  each professional boxing contest or exhibition, except an
    29  exhibition held solely for training purposes, there shall be in
    30  attendance, at the expense of the promoter, a duly licensed
    19830S0632B0701                  - 3 -

     1  referee designated by the Commission who shall direct and
     2  control the contest or exhibition.
     3     There shall also be in attendance at every boxing contest, at
     4  the expense of the promoter, [two (2)] three (3) licensed
     5  judges, each of whom shall[, together with the referee,] render
     6  his individual decision, in writing, on a scorecard supplied by
     7  the Commission at the end of every boxing contest which
     8  continues for the scheduled number of rounds. Each judge [and
     9  the referee] shall have one (1) vote and a majority of the votes
    10  cast shall determine the winner.
    11     The Commission shall by rule or regulation prescribe the
    12  methods of scoring.
    13     Section 250.  Mandatory Eight Count.--Whenever a boxer is
    14  knocked down, he shall be required to take a count of eight,
    15  even if he has regained his feet prior thereto, and the referee
    16  shall not permit the contest or exhibition to be resumed until
    17  the count of eight has actually been reached, except in
    18  professional championship boxing contests and exhibitions. A
    19  referee may give a standing eight count in those instances where
    20  he deems necessary.
    21     Section 5.  This act shall take effect in 60 days.

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