No. 1445 Session of 1982



                                  A SUPPLEMENT

     1  To the act of April 1, 1863 (P.L.213, No.227), entitled "An act
     2     to accept the grant of Public Lands, by the United States, to
     3     the several states, for the endowment of Agricultural
     4     Colleges," making appropriations for carrying the same into
     5     effect, providing for a basis for payments of such
     6     appropriations and providing a method of accounting for the
     7     funds appropriated.

     8     The General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
     9  hereby enacts as follows:
    10     Section 1.  In order to carry into effect the act of
    11  Congress, approved July 2, 1862, granting public land to the
    12  several states for educational purposes, and subsequent acts of
    13  Congress related thereto, and the act of the General Assembly of
    14  Pennsylvania accepting the provisions and conditions of said
    15  acts of Congress and pledging the faith of the State to carry
    16  the same into effect, the following sums or as much thereof as
    17  may be necessary are hereby specifically appropriated to the
    18  Trustees of the Pennsylvania State University for the fiscal
    19  year July 1, 1982 to June 30, 1983, for the purposes and in the
    20  amounts as shown:

     1     (1)  For educational and general expenses.....  $104,848,000
     2     (2)  For cost of student aid..................     1,760,000
     3     (3)  For cost of research.....................     9,550,000
     4     (4)  For instruction - Doctor of Medicine only     3,039,000
     5     (5)  For cost of agricultural research........    11,366,000
     6     (6)  For cost of agricultural extension
     7          services.................................     9,618,000
     8     (7)  For the cost of operating Elizabethtown
     9          Hospital.................................     3,200,000
    10     (8)  For cost of soil survey..................       100,000
    11     Section 2.  Payments to Pennsylvania State University on
    12  account of the appropriations for all items as provided in
    13  section 1 shall be made on the basis of costs during the fiscal
    14  year.
    15     Section 3.  If necessary, the Pennsylvania State University
    16  may transfer funds among the appropriations listed in section 1,
    17  clauses (1), (2), (3), (5) and (6): Provided, That the aggregate
    18  amount transferred into or out of each appropriation during the
    19  fiscal year shall not exceed 5% of the amount specifically
    20  appropriated for that purpose.
    21     Section 4.  (a)  Payments to the Pennsylvania State
    22  University of the appropriations herein provided shall be made
    23  monthly during the fiscal year.
    24     (b)  Such monthly payments shall be made in accordance with
    25  the provisions of section 2 on the basis of estimated costs. The
    26  estimate of costs shall be submitted by the Pennsylvania State
    27  University to the Secretary of Education, the General Assembly
    28  and to the State Treasurer not later than 30 days prior to the
    29  date on which such payment is to be made.
    30     Section 5.  Notwithstanding any provision of the General
    19820S1445B1924                  - 2 -

     1  Appropriation Act of 1982 relating to the payment of retirement
     2  expenses, the trustees of the Pennsylvania State University
     3  shall make all required payments to the State Employee's
     4  Retirement Fund from the funds appropriated pursuant to this
     5  act.
     6     Section 6.  (a)  The Pennsylvania State University shall
     7  apply the moneys appropriated by this act only for such purposes
     8  as are permitted in this act and shall at all times maintain
     9  proper records showing the application of such moneys. Not later
    10  than 120 days after the close of the fiscal year to which this
    11  act relates, the Pennsylvania State University shall file with
    12  the Secretary of Education, the General Assembly and with the
    13  Auditor General of the Commonwealth, a statement setting forth
    14  the amounts and purposes of all expenditures made from moneys
    15  appropriated by this act and other university accounts during
    16  said fiscal year as provided in section 2 used as a basis for
    17  receipt of any appropriation during said fiscal year.
    18     (b)  Such statement of expenditures and costs shall be
    19  reviewed by the Auditor General of the Commonwealth, and he
    20  shall have the right, in respect to the moneys appropriated by
    21  this act, to audit and disallow expenditures made for purposes
    22  not permitted by this act and to cause such sums to be recovered
    23  and paid by the Pennsylvania State University to the Treasurer
    24  of the Commonwealth. In respect to expenditures made by the
    25  university from moneys other than those appropriated by this
    26  act, the Auditor General shall have the right to review only and
    27  he shall file annually with the General Assembly such
    28  information concerning such expenditures as the General Assembly
    29  or any of its committees may require.
    30     Section 7.  A report shall be submitted to the Governor and
    19820S1445B1924                  - 3 -

     1  the Appropriations and Education Committees of the Senate and
     2  House of Representatives and shall include data for all
     3  programs, except the Doctor of Medicine program. The report, to
     4  be submitted prior to September 1, 1983, shall cover the 12-
     5  month period beginning with the summer term 1982 and shall
     6  include:
     7     (1)  The following counts and distributions for each term
     8  during the period:
     9     (i)  The definitions and numbers of faculty members employed
    10  full-time, of faculty members employed part-time, of full-time
    11  students enrolled in graduate courses, of full-time students
    12  enrolled in undergraduate courses, of part-time students
    13  enrolled in graduate courses and of part-time students enrolled
    14  in undergraduate courses.
    15     (ii)  Total numbers of undergraduate student credit hours,
    16  divided into lower division and upper division course levels and
    17  of graduate student credit hours divided into three course
    18  levels--master's, first professional and doctoral.
    19     (iii)  Number of different courses scheduled by level of
    20  instruction and the number of sections of individual instruction
    21  at each level of instruction.
    22     (iv)  Number of terms scheduled and the dates thereof.
    23     (2)  For the summer term and the following academic year in
    24  total and for each two-digit Hegis category of instructional
    25  programs in higher education as defined by the National Center
    26  for Education Statistics, United States Department of Education,
    27  a classification of faculty members or other professional
    28  employees by title including: professor, associate professor,
    29  assistant professor, instructor, lecturer, research associate,
    30  librarian and academic administrator; faculty members or other
    19820S1445B1924                  - 4 -

     1  professional employees under each title to be subdivided by type
     2  of assignment: teaching and nonteaching, and each such set of
     3  faculty members or other professional employees to be further
     4  subdivided by type of employment: full-time or part-time and the
     5  following aggregates for each such subdivided classification:
     6     (i)  The number of faculty and other professional employees
     7  and their full-time equivalence in instructional and
     8  noninstructional functions.
     9     (ii)  The sum of credits assigned to undergraduate classroom
    10  courses and the sum of credits assigned to graduate classroom
    11  courses taught, divided into lower division, upper division,
    12  master's, first professional and doctoral course levels.
    13     (iii)  The sum of credits assigned to undergraduate
    14  individual instruction courses and the sum of credits assigned
    15  to graduate individual instruction courses taught, divided into
    16  lower division, upper division, master's, first professional and
    17  doctoral course levels.
    18     (iv)  The sum of undergraduate classroom student credit hours
    19  and the sum of graduate classroom student credit hours
    20  generated; divided into lower division, upper division,
    21  master's, first professional and doctoral course levels.
    22     (v)  The sum of undergraduate individual instruction student
    23  credit hours and the sum of graduate individual instruction
    24  student credit hours generated; divided into lower division,
    25  upper division, master's, first professional and doctoral course
    26  levels.
    27     (vi)  Total salary paid for instructional functions and for
    28  noninstructional functions and the amount of this salary paid
    29  for each of these functions from college or university funds,
    30  Federal funds and other funds.
    19820S1445B1924                  - 5 -

     1     (3)  For each term of the period covered for each faculty
     2  member employed full-time identified by two-digit Hegis category
     3  and title, the report shall contain an analysis of the average
     4  hours per week spent in college or university-related
     5  activities, stating specifically hours spent in undergraduate
     6  classroom contact and graduate classroom contact, hours spent in
     7  preparation, hours spent in research and hours spent in public
     8  service.
     9     Section 8.  (a)  In addition to the above requirements
    10  relative to this appropriation, the report covering the 12-month
    11  period beginning with the summer term 1982, shall include for
    12  all programs of the university:
    13     (1)  Minimum number of credits required for a baccalaureate
    14  degree and for a master's degree.
    15     (2)  Number of bachelor's degrees, master's degrees, first
    16  professional degrees and doctoral degrees awarded in 1980, 1981,
    17  1982 and estimated 1983.
    18     (b)  The university shall report its revenues and
    19  expenditures and present its financial statements required under
    20  the provisions of this act in accordance with "Higher Education
    21  Finance Manual" (1975).
    22     Section 9.  The university shall provide such information as
    23  may be necessary to carry out the provisions of this act and in
    24  such form and manner as the Department of Education may
    25  prescribe.
    26     Section 10.  The Pennsylvania State University shall report
    27  its revenues and expenditures and present its financial
    28  statements required under the provisions of this act in
    29  accordance with generally accepted accounting principles and
    30  procedures for educational institutions as set forth in "Higher
    19820S1445B1924                  - 6 -

     1  Education Finance Manual" United States Department of Health
     2  Education and Welfare (1975) with the exceptions set forth in
     3  the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Budget Instructions for State
     4  Related Universities, Phase I, Fiscal Year 1982-1983. Credits
     5  granted for nontraditional programs such as CLEP, lifelong
     6  learning etc., including all related costs and revenues thereof
     7  shall be excluded from the function of "Instruction" and
     8  included under "Public Service."
     9     Section 11.  In addition to the requirements of section 7,
    10  the Pennsylvania State University shall, by March 1, 1983,
    11  submit to the Appropriations and Education Committees of the
    12  Senate and the House of Representatives a breakdown of the funds
    13  budgeted for this fiscal year for the main campus and each
    14  branch campus including expenditures budgeted from this act and
    15  expenditures budgeted from moneys other than those appropriated
    16  by this act.
    17     Section 12.  This act shall take effect July 1, 1982.

    E12L84RZ/19820S1445B1924         - 7 -